O Me of Little Faith

Back in 2006, Becky Garrison interviewed me for The Wittenburg Door, about my new (back then) book Pocket Guide to the Bible. I loved The Door, and was thrilled to be in it. I answered Becky’s questions with all the Door-ish goofiness and satire and humor as I could muster up. But my interview kept getting pushed back and back and back until The Door eventually went into hibernation and Becky no longer had a place to put the interview.

She finally found a home for it at The Ooze. You can read it here, as long as you keep in mind the following:

1. This interview is from two years ago, which makes some of the cultural references a bit out of date.

2. I tailored my answers to the vibe and tone of The Wittenburg Door, which is snarky and light-hearted and satirical. Which makes them feel a little flippant in a “regular” publication.

3. Unfortunately, there’s no introduction to the interview to explain the context. So I read it, two years removed from the interview and not in the right magazine, and kinda thought I sounded like a turd.

4. You may feel the same way. If so, I’ll own up to it.

The Ooze: Interview with Jason Boyett

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