O Me of Little Faith

The Denver Post published a front-page feature a couple of days ago about my friends Tom & Dana Larson and their organization, Healing Waters International. HWI is one of my favorite humanitarian organizations and has one of the most creative operating plans I’ve ever come across. If you’re looking for a place to 1) donate to an organization making a difference among people of poverty; 2) get involved with an organization working internationally; or 3) support an organization that meets basic needs while holding the Church accountable and requiring people to take some personal responsibility…then I’d suggest looking into HWI.

I’d also suggest looking at and enjoying the photo below, which accompanied the article. It’s so silly I keep making myself look at it just for the endorphin rush.

Things you should know regarding the photo:

1. Tom & Dana Larson do not live in the future.

2. Tom & Dana aren’t really this blue in real life.

3. I am almost certain Tom & Dana felt ridiculously awkward while posing for this photo. They haven’t shared this with me, but you can just tell. Dana, on the left, is doing her best to stare at the water jug, as I’m sure she was instructed, until the camera clicks. Tom is doing his best not to accidentally roll his eyes, and has to look at Dana to maintain his composure. He is beginning to smirk, though. You can totally tell.

4. The water purified by Healing Waters systems is not actually radioactive.


OK, I’ll stop making fun of the overly artsy Denver Post photographer dude. Read the article here.

Read about my five-day introduction to Healing Waters (“Clean Water & Good Company,”) from a couple years ago. Day One. Two. Three. Four. Five. At no time does anyone in our group stare longingly at a lit-up jug of water in a dark room.

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