O Me of Little Faith

Miscellaneous Linkage:

1. I have a new article up at It highlights three major things I did this summer and what I learned from them. One of those things totally should have been “Do Not Swim Among Dead Fish” but I decided it was too dramatic and cut it from the final draft.

2. My interwebs friend Ken Grant works at a technology company named Analtech, which really is the company’s name and not a frat-boy joke. (Their tagline: It’s a short “a” people. Grow up!) With a name like that, you have to be a good sport about marketing, and they are. They produce thin layer chromatography plates, accessories, and lab supplies. I have no idea what these are, except to say chromatography is some sort of cool technological thing you might see on CSI. Anyway, what do you do when you sell an obscure product and have a funny name? You produce a super-professional and beautifully shot — but also fun — viral video: “The Adventures of Ana L’Tech.” It’s clearly about your product, but in a completely non-threatening and self-deprecating way. Mostly it’s about seeing how many subtle and not-so-subtle nods you can make to movies like Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I love this idea. Watch and enjoy. Extra points if, at the end of it, you can tell me what those chromatography plates do.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be in the market for a thin layer chromatography plate. But if I ever am, I’m totally buying one from Analtech. Thanks, Ken. (That’s his voice during the intermission, by the way.)

3. You know what’s missing from your life? Skeleton-shaped silverware. Now you can eat salad while looking at authentic — and shiny! — reproductions of your bones. Finally!

You’re welcome.

4. Inspired by the “Jesus Is My Friend” video posted here last week, my brother’s new church-league flag football team is now named “Sonseed.” I believe my work here is done.

Update (4:04 pm):
5. I just remembered…Today is September 19, the 11th anniversary of the death of Rich Mullins. Here’s a blog post I wrote about Rich last year, for the 10th anniversary. It’s probably the most-viewed post I’ve ever written.

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