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September 2008 Archives

Here’s Part 2 of my 14 reasons why I’m voting for Obama in November. You can scroll down to read Reasons 1-7. #8: Obama recognizes that the key to reducing abortions isn’t to repeal Roe v. Wade, but to work […]

This will likely be a controversial post — at least among my closest friends and family, most of whom are Republicans and McCain supporters — but it’s time for me to come entirely out of the closet as a supporter […]

Here’s a fun but discouraging site:, which analyzes the statements and speeches and ads run by the presidential candidates to figure out who’s stretching the truth the most. The current breakdown is as follows: ———— McCain Campaign Barely True […]

…not to dance in church services. In the spirit of Sonseed, here’s another dose of pure awesomeness. (A tip: Make sure you watch all the way to around the 1:55 mark. Because that’s when the serious poppin’ and lockin’ and […]

We narrowly avoided the apocalypse this morning, but we’ll have plenty of additional opportunities to greet it in the months to come. Along the Swiss-French border, the world’s biggest particle collider — the Large Hadron Collider, a 17-mile ring of […]

I competed in another triathlon this weekend. It was not nearly as enjoyable as my first one. Primarily because it involved the following: 1. Dead fish. 2. Kicks to the face. 3. Vomiting while swimming. 4. Vomiting while biking. This […]

This just in: Apparently girl-kisser Katy Perry‘s eternal destination has already been decided…and it’s not looking too hot. Or, um, actually it’s looking really hot. Brimstone may or may not be involved. This according to Havens Corners Church in Blacklick, […]

Sometimes there are videos that require long introductions telling you why it’s important that you watch. But sometimes there are videos that are perfectly self-justifying, and need no introduction or qualification due to their inherent awesomeness. This is one of […]

You don’t read my blog for political commentary — of that I’m pretty certain — but this has been a pretty political week, so I’m gonna cover Sarah Palin for a second. My opinion of her has whiplashed at least […]