O Me of Little Faith

This is why I love superstar singer/songwriter Andy Osenga‘s blog:

[from the Sept. 8 entry:]

So here’s a good story… Months and months ago I had a song-writing session with a guy. I really liked the guy, we had a good time, but I didn’t feel we really got anything. Well, he took the thing that wasn’t really all together and finished it with another guy. That song went on that other guy’s record.

That other guy is Chris Tomlin and apparently the album is #4 on iTunes this week. I still haven’t heard the song.

Have you? Do you like it?


Good stuff, Andy O.

The song, by the way, is called “With Me.” I haven’t heard it either. But I’m pretty sure I will, someday, over and over again on K-LOVE.

If you’re not a fan of Andy’s work, you need to be. He’s the lead guitarist for Caedmon’s Call, but he’s also a ridiculously good performer and songwriter on his own. Yesterday he released his free new EP, Letters to the Editor, Vol. 2, a collaborative songwriting experiment with his fans and online community. I haven’t listened to it yet, but Vol. 1 was really cool. So go to Andy’s website, download it, and be amazed by his skillz.

Because if it’s good enough for Tomlin…

(For your edification, here’s Part 1 and Part 2 of an interview I did last summer with Andy about Letters, Vol 1.)

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