O Me of Little Faith

There’s a fascinating and infuriating post at the Burnside Writers Blog about a husband-and-wife missionary team who are in the States trying to raise enough money to fund their next year of ministry in Bratislava, Slovakia, where they’ll work with Trans World Radio. Only Mike and Heather Colleto have had a major setback in their fundraising efforts among their Christian friends and supporters.

Why? Because Heather described her political views on her Facebook page with a single word: Obamarama. Now she’s learned her former supporters might be withholding their support because, based on her Obama preference, they’re questioning her commitment to Christianity and assuming she’s suddenly turned pro-choice and anti-family. As a result, the Colleto’s fundraising efforts are lagging way, way behind.

I’m not going to comment much more on the situation because Jordan does a great job of it already at Burnside, other than to say this:

1. What’s possibly happening to the Colleto family is, to put it delicately, pure crap.

2. A preference for Obama does not automatically mean you want to abort babies.

3. A Christian is a Christian because she is committed to Jesus, not to a political platform.

Honestly? This angers me more than stupid Christian t-shirts. Whether you care for Obama or not — and I know quite a few of my readers absolutely do not — go support Mike and Heather. Read their blog. Donate to their ministry. And do not let human political preferences uproot the work of the Gospel.

[H/T: David Sessions at Patrol]

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