O Me of Little Faith

My ancient Google alert for Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse (which released in 2005) has lain dormant for months and months, but it pinged this morning with a brand-new book review from none other than Trevin Wax. Trevin is a pastor, seminary student, theologian, former missionary, writer, and noteworthy theoblogger at Kingdom People.

The prospect of a serious theology blogger reviewing a pseudo-theological book like Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse (or Pocket Guide to the Bible) always makes me nervous. Because theologians are known for being pretty serious dudes. And my books — while bursting with bits of theology — are not-so-serious. This has annoyed a few noteworthy bloggers.

So I clicked on the link to Trevin’s review with trepidation. I was met with good news and bad news.

The Good News: He liked it. Some embarrasingly self-congratulatory quotes…

“The book definitely delivers what it promises: an entertaining, lighthearted look at the best and worse of Christian speculation of the End Times.”

“Boyett’s Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse is a lot of fun. It would make a good bathroom book for any student of theology!”

Thanks, Trevin. Those quotes are endorsement-level good. Nothing makes a writer happier than when someone finds an old book of his and enjoys it. A nice surprise.

The Bad News: He found it in the bargain bin at a local Christian bookstore.

In my imagination, it was forced off the shelf — karmically, of course — by Kirk Cameron’s autobiography.


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