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Some of you may know that I’m a member of and occasional blogger for the Junky Car Club, which is a politely rebellious organization against consumerism and the American habit of assigning (or seeking) status based on what kind of […]

This is what happens when a few of you say irresponsible things like “More video blogging!” and “Great writing advice!” and “You have a surprisingly sexy presence on screen.” My response to those kind words is to give the people […]

I seem to be having trouble remembering it, but according to this “Success Stories” article at Moultrie Feeders, yours truly recently bagged a huge buck near Rattan, Oklahoma, last gun season! You may doubt, but the facts are there. Apparently, […]

Got back last night from a trip to San Antonio, Texas, with my family. We hit Sea World on Friday and Six Flags-Fiesta Texas on Saturday. Based on these two experiences, I have made the following stereotypical generalizations about people […]