O Me of Little Faith

I can’t decide what to post today. When indecisive, it helps to make a list.

1. is a helpful website if people keep sending you dubious forwards, unhelpful urban legends, unwanted photos, or letters about how the long-dead Madilyn Murray O’Hair is about to infringe on my religious liberties. If everyone sent people anonymous “stop it!” messages every time they ended up on the receiving end of forward spam, the world (and my in-box) would be a better place.

2. Next time it’s my birthday, I’m totally using my camera to do this. The Longbrake: always coming through with awesomeness.

3. I am participating in this triathlon in September. It’s my first triathlon. I’m a swimmer, so that shouldn’t be too tough. But the 10-mile bike part has a serious uphill climb and, 5K or not, I don’t really like to run. Unless being pursued by deadly creatures. So I’m training for it most nights, and it’s making me tired. Last night I ran three miles. This morning I will ride my bike seven miles. Wheee.

4. Looks like Mugabe’s not going anywhere. Things aren’t looking good for his opposition, Morgan Tsvangirai. That’s bad news for the people of Zimbabwe.

5. Have you bought your customary small book about the Bible in preparation for your celebration of Independence Day? Purchasing a Pocket Guide is a long, honored 4th of July tradition in many parts of this great nation — along with flags, fireworks, and the grilling of meats. Buy your super-cheap signed Pocket Guide to the Bible today. Use the buttons on the sidebar to your left. Act now, because there are only 8,600 left in stock.

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Who are you?

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