O Me of Little Faith

One of the weird things about writing historical (albeit entertaining) books like the Pocket Guides is that it makes you an “expert” on the subject matter. Sort of. Which means I am an expert on the book of Revelation. And I’m an expert on the Bible.


So occasionally I’ve had the opportunity to be an expert on TV. I think producers like me because I’m not an old, fusty professor-looking kind of person. And because I’m good with a sound bite. On a few different occasions I’ve flown to L.A. and been interviewed for two hours in a studio. Then, a year later, get to watch about 40 seconds of myself on TV. It is exactly as glamorous as that sounds.

For kicks, I put together a clip show of one of these appearances, from the History Channel‘s “Decoding the Past: Searching for the Garden of Eden.”


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