O Me of Little Faith

Relevant is now posting the full text of an interview I did with Buy Shoes, Save Lives founder Jeremy Courtney. Jeremy’s organization is a cool one on several different levels, bringing the realms of fashion, social justice, interfaith cooperation, combating childhood illness, and radical peacemaking together under a single umbrella. That’s hard to do.

Jeremy on the shoes:

Klash are entirely handmade—I don’t own another pair of handmade shoes, and neither do you. Most shoes in our closets are created in less than 30 minutes in a factory in China, but klash are made by families. In fact, we can introduce you by name to the people who make our shoes. I love the idea of seeing families apprenticed in this trade. It’s beautiful.”

Jeremy and his family live in Iraq, sell shoes, and keep Iraqi children from dying of heart disease. I love their organization. I have my own pair of Klash. They are cooler than any other pair of shoes I own.

Read the interview here.

Visit the Buy Shoes, Save Lives site here.

Buy shoes or BSSL gear here.

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