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Sad? Discouraged? Depressed? Here are three things to cheer you up: 1. It is now OK for Christians to believe in aliens. This according to the Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, a Jesuit who directs the Vatican Observatory (who knew the […]

If you’re awake between 7:30 and 8 a.m. Eastern (6:30-7 a.m. Central) tomorrow morning, then point your browser toward WCRF Radio in Cleveland to hear parts 5 and 6 of a six-part interview I did with host Mark Zimmerman about […]

Yesterday, author/speaker/blogger Matthew Paul Turner stopped by for Part 1 of an interview during his blog tour to promote his new book Hokey Pokey. Here’s Part 2 of the interview. Enjoy… —I know you talked to a lot of other […]

Matthew Paul Turner is a fellow writer and long-time digital friend (one of those weird cyber-friendships where we’ve known each other for years but have never actually hung out in person) who has recently released a new book, Hokey Pokey, […]

Last week, a truck bearing four pallets and a couple thousand pounds of freight rolled into Amarillo. On that truck were all the not-yet-sold copies of Pocket Guide to the Bible still existing in the world today, give or take […]

A few items of interest should be happening next week here at They are as follows: 1. I recorded an interview today with Moody Radio in Cleveland (WCRF — 103.3 fm). Probably about a 30-minute interview with their morning […]

Some of you aren’t old enough to remember the days before VHS tapes. Back then, when we watched movies in school they were on film. With clunky projectors. And if you were watching a film with multiple reels, there was […]

Crazy day today, for various health- and work-related reasons. So no real and/or official and/or super creative post or anything. My apologies. Instead, I’ll direct you to my latest piece for It’s called “I Doubt It: How to Deal […]

In response to last week’s article about my unfortunate levels of personal dorkiness — and, apparently, the dorkiness of some of you blog readers — my cyber-friend Ken Grant sent me a link to an old post from his blog. […]

People like lists. I’m a blogger of the people. So here you go… 25 Ways to Tell If You’re a Dork 1. You find yourself silently inserting the phrase “…weeeeeeth a herring!” at the end of any command beginning with […]