O Me of Little Faith

Some of you may know I’m currently working on another Pocket Guide book. This one’s called (tentatively) Pocket Guide to the Afterlife. It’s about what various cultures and religions have thought/taught/believed about what happens after you die. Obviously there’s a bunch of Christian stuff in there, including traditional beliefs about heaven and hell.

And because heaven and hell have become something of a mini publishing phenomenon over the past couple of years, I need to cover Don Piper’s bestselling book 90 Minutes in Heaven and Bill Wiese’s bestselling 23 Minutes in Hell.

(I’m still waiting for 46 Minutes in Irkalla, the Gloomy Netherworld of Mesopotamian Mythology. But I’m not holding my breath.)

Anyway, both the heaven and hell books are pretty interesting when it comes to the subject matter. So, I’m curious…

Have any of you read either of these books?

If so, what did you think?

Did either of these books impact you in any way (positive or negative)?

Please answer and/or review in the comment section.

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