O Me of Little Faith

Today is the final day to submit your entry for the Fake Band Shirts contest. We’ve had some pretty good ones so far. Remember, I’m picking my five favorite ones and then we’ll vote on a winner, who’ll receive a free fake band shirt of their choice.

Thanks, by the way, to all of you who’ve purchased books over the past couple of weeks. I’ve sold nearly 100 since telling you about my personal stash of 9,053 books.

So…less than 9,000 to go! Wheee!

I also appreciate readers and friends Michael Spencer, Ron Fournier, Tone Hoeft, Bryan Allain (Burnside Writers Blog) and Cara Davis (Cheap Ways to…) who’ve promoted the sale and linked here. Thanks, guys.

Fun stuff coming up soon here at the blog. Bear with me for one more week, though. My goal is to have finished the first draft of Pocket Guide to the Afterlife by June 1. At which point I’ll take a much-needed break from book-writin’.

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