O Me of Little Faith

In response to last week’s article about my unfortunate levels of personal dorkiness — and, apparently, the dorkiness of some of you blog readers — my cyber-friend Ken Grant sent me a link to an old post from his blog. Back in August, Ken took the time to transcribe the lyrics to “White & Nerdy” by Weird Al Yancovic. This, it must be said, is an extremely dorky action in itself. But then Ken went so far as to assign point values to the examples of overly caucasian nerdiness defined in the song by Weird Al. This is truly a gift, because now we can all read the song’s lyrics, add up our geeky values, and then boast about it.

Here’s a sample:

I could sure kick your butt in a game of ping pong
(5 points if you have ever played ping pong, 10 points if you are good at it, 30 points if you’ve ever played in an organized tournament)

I’ll ace any trivia quiz you bring on
(10 points if you’ve ever won a game of trivial pursuit)

Guilty of both. (In fact, unchristianly proud of my abilities to dominate in contests of trivia and ping-pong.)

So according the Ken Grant survey of white nerdiness, I score a 338. According to Ken’s breakdown, this makes me only borderline nerdy. I can hang with the Dork Elite, but they mock me behind my back. To be very honest, I am delighted about this. This may, in fact, be the sweet spot of nerdiness.

What about you? Take Ken’s quiz and report your score in the comments.

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