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April 2008 Archives

The article on my church-going immersion journalism experiment for Relevant Magazine is now available in the publication’s May/June 2008 issue. The article is called “6 Denominations in 6 Weeks: Diary of an Intentional Church Hopper.” It’s accompanied by a photo […]

I stumbled upon a site this morning that offers a great example of the vital role copywriting can play in the creation and marketing of a certain brand. Help Remedies is a funky upstart health products company. That’s a weird […]

Returning to the mailbag question from Wednesday: My quick answer to the question of where to find freelance writing jobs is everywhere. And I mean that. Our is a world of information and content. Despite the proliferation of videos and […]

Just a quick note: If you’re running for president, and if you’re going to spend millions of dollars to advertise yourself, and if you’re trying to restore competency to a presidency and party that has come to be known as […]

Another dip into the Writer’s Mailbag. Blogger Sean Brereton asked me some good questions the other day about freelance writing: How do you first get into freelance writing? Where can you find jobs? Does it take a lot of crappy […]

Here’s Part 2 of Daniel’s story, which began yesterday in this post. Daniel is a teenage performer with Spirit of Uganda, a group of musicians and dancers (most of whom are orphans) who are touring the U.S. right now as […]

I’m trying something new on the blog today, and I hope you’ll find it as interesting as I think it could be. I love to share good stories — and storytelling is the foundation of writing — so from time […]

My daughter, Ellie, was born eight years ago today, on April 4, 2000. My wife went into labor around 5 a.m. that morning, and on the way to the hospital, guess what song kept running through my head? It was […]

Good news out of Zimbabwe. It looks like President Robert Mugabe is at least conceding that he didn’t win the recent election. I won’t pretend to know much about African politics — in fact, I know very little — but […]

Back in mid-February, I linked to a great new blog called “Stuff White People Like.” It wasn’t an especially ground-breaking discovery on my part, because apparently everyone linked to the site around that same time and the blog got huge, […]