O Me of Little Faith

I was never a big comic books guy, but I watched a lot of “SuperFriends” as a kid and always thought Green Lantern was the coolest superhero. Not sure why. Maybe because Superman and Batman always were hogging the spotlight? Because he had a cool ring? Because of the time travel?

Then I got into “Fat Albert” during high school (ironically, of course) and would have told you as a 17-year-old that The Brown Hornet was my favorite superhero.

But Superman? Nah. He was boring. Never got much into him.

Which is why I’m a little disappointed to find out, via the SuperHero Quiz, that the superhero I am most like is the pasty-dull Man of Steel himself. Come on. He doesn’t even wear a mask! He’s got that dorky little hair curl plastered against his forehead! But that’s not all, because you know what’s also pretty disappointing? I match up with Supergirl as much as I do with Superman. Supergirl. Wow. That’s just…wow.

I guess if Gene Hackman ever bothers you, you can call me. After all, I love to help others.

Take the quiz yourself here. My results are below…


You are Superman
You are mild-mannered, good, strong, and you love to help others.

Superman: 80%
Supergirl: 80%
Hulk: 70%
Robin: 70%
Spider-Man: 65%
The Flash: 65%
Green Lantern: 55%
Iron Man: 55%
Wonder Woman: 50%
Catwoman: 30%
Batman: 35%

(H/T: Mike at Deadly Viper)

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