O Me of Little Faith

I have a couple of pieces in the March/April issue of Relevant Magazine. One is a “Statement” column involving the (duh) obvious connection between Bigfoot and Easter, and the other is a quickie interview with Trace & Becca Bundy about their work with Agros International. Trace is a good friend and an amazing acoustic guitarist — you need to watch him play if you ever get the chance (don’t just listen but watch: check out the clip below) — and he and Becca are big advocates for Agros, a nonprofit organization in Central America that provides land loans and training to impoverished rural communities.

Agros is a cool organization and the Bundys are cool people, so check both of them out.

(Weirdly, the blurb on the Relevant link above describes Trace as a “singer/songwriter” and “aspiring musician” — which isn’t accurate, as he is a non-singing instrumental guitarist who is accomplished enough as a musician to have fans on pretty much every continent. And the organization is called Agros, not “Argos.” Those mistakes came from Relevant’s editorial team, not me. Sigh.)

Anyway, watch this, then go to to watch some more.

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