O Me of Little Faith

I mentioned it briefly in a post last week, but I’m a big fan of The Junky Car Club. The JCC is a laid-back coalition of happy drivers who intentionally tool around in less-than-new vehicles. Why? Three big reasons:

1) Junky Car Clubbers think it’s important to get off the materialism treadmill, that there’s no real need to drive a nice, shiny new car when a used car will get you around town just as well. The Junky Car Club is a polite rebellion against consumer culture.

2) Clubbers think it’s better to spend money on things that matter. Having cash available to donate to a social justice cause or organization can be impossible with a big car payment. Why not drive an older car that’s paid off, and use the extra funds to help someone? The JCC motto is challenging: Living with less so we can give more.

3) Clubbers share environmental concerns. In a world suffering from the weight of too much stuff, it’s better to hang on to things a bit longer, to re-use old things whenever possible. New isn’t always preferable to old, just like bigger isn’t always better.

I’ve never been a big car guy — I guess I’ve always seen a vehicle as more of a tool for getting from one place to another rather than a statement about social status or coolness or whatever. And other than the 1999 Honda CR-V my wife and I bought when our first child was on the way (we’re still driving it), I’ve never owned a new car. Probably would have bought that one used, too, if we had a do-over.

So I have my convictions, and as someone who’s always been a little uncomfortable with consumerism and materialism and a culture where spending and buying are just an accepted part of life, I think the Junky Car Club is an incredible idea. That’s why I’m part-time blogging for the organization, and that’s why I’m a member. The Junky Car Club would love to have you, too.

In fact, you may already qualify for membership. Find out for yourself at the Junky Car Club website and blog.

And here’s an old blog post I wrote at Relevant after I first heard of the idea. Also included? A photo of me and my Civic Hatchback.

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