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Here’s the rest of my interview with Tara Leigh Cobble, indie musician, speaker, and author of Crowded Skies. If you missed it, here’s Part 1.

JB: What did you learn in the process of publishing Crowded Skies? What will you do differently next time? (Will there be a next time?)

TLC: Since I was self-publishing, it was really important to me to have editors that I trusted. I used some of the same editors that worked on Here’s to Hindsight, because they knew my style and tone. Next time I think the process will look fairly similar, unless I use a publisher again. And yes, there will be a next time. I’m already doing some initial writing for the third book.

So I gather you used an outside editor/copy editor/proofreader?

I have four friends who worked on editing the book with me. And while none of them are professional copy editors, they are all educated and/or employed in the writing world to some degree. This was a tremendous help, mainly because they’re all far more experienced than I am, and I was able to glean from their knowledge.

How are you going about trying to sell and publicize the book? Other than concerts and personal appearances, are you using any other channels?

Eventually I will put the book on Amazon, but I’m holding off on that right now. I’m selling it exclusively through my website and at concerts and personal appearances. Amazon takes such a huge cut of the profits that I wanted to sell it to my fanbase first and try to make back some of the money it cost me to write it. Once I’m closer to recouping my expenses, I will put it on Amazon. As for promotion, I’m doing a lot of internet stuff (Facebook, MySpace, Virb, BookTour, etc.) and some radio and podcast interviews as well.

A lot of first-time authors are intimidated by the publisher/editor/agent route and might be thinking about self-publishing. What would be your advice for them?

Save money. Set a writing schedule. Join a writer’s group. These are the three main things that helped me. People who create are notoriously disorganized, so the money and the schedule might be the most difficult, but they are definitely crucial factors in completing a project.


Thanks to Tara Leigh for her time and insight. Check out her music at, read her blog at, purchase Here’s to Hindsight here, and get Crowded Skies here.

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