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Just letting you in on some advance content from my upcoming book (summer 2009) called Pocket Guide to Sainthood (Jossey-Bass). Here’s a selection from the last chapter, which features miscellaneous lists related to saints:

Eight Saints With Brutally Ironic Patronages

1. St. Adrian of Nicomedia, patron saint of arms dealers, whose arms were amputated during his martyrdom.

2. St. Appolonia, patron saint of dentists, who was tortured by having her teeth pulled out during her martyrdom.

3. St. Barbara, patron saint of those in danger of dying a sudden death, whose martyrdom lasted days and days.

4. St. Bartholomew, patron of tanners and leather-workers, who was flayed alive before being crucified.

5. St. Dominic Savio, patron saint of juvenile delinquents, who was so undelinquent as a child that he’d stop fights by holding up a crucifix between the combatants and telling them they were making Jesus sad.

6. St. Eustace, patron of hunters, who converted when he saw a vision of Jesus between the horns of a stag.

7. St. Sebastian, patron saint of archers, who was martyred in the 3rd century by being tied to a stake and used as a human archery target.

8. St. Stephen, patron saint of headache sufferers, who became the first Christian martyr when he was stoned to death in the New Testament book of Acts.

If missed it, here’s Pocket Guide to Sainthood Preview #1.

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