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Quick vocabulary lesson for you: Hermeneutics is the word theologians and ministers use to describe the study of interpretation of religious texts — in most cases, the Bible. Scot McKnight, one of my favorite New Testament theologians and proprietor of […]

Here’s what’s funny: this political season, the three remaining candidates for the presidency all have pretty solid Christian credentials — and are probably more outspokenly Christian than most candidates have ever been — but quite a few watchdogs of the […]

I’m pretty entrenched as a Protestant, but I try to keep an open mind. I really do. I love many aspects of the Catholic liturgy, and most of my favorite devotional writers have been Roman Catholics. I’m a big fan […]

I am at the writing stage right now where the “being a writer” part is not that attractive. Pocket Guide to Sainthood is finished and the manuscript has been turned in to the publisher (no doubt, several rounds of edits […]

I have a couple of pieces in the March/April issue of Relevant Magazine. One is a “Statement” column involving the (duh) obvious connection between Bigfoot and Easter, and the other is a quickie interview with Trace & Becca Bundy about […]

Just letting you in on some advance content from my upcoming book (summer 2009) called Pocket Guide to Sainthood (Jossey-Bass). Here’s a selection from the last chapter, which features miscellaneous lists related to saints: Eight Saints With Brutally Ironic Patronages […]

I’m always interested in the traffic that ends up at this blog via Google searches, because it always surprises me how quickly the Goog attaches blog posts to topics — especially to newsworthy names. Yesterday — based on the Margaret […]

There’s another literary scandal unfolding, and this one’s pretty juicy, to mix a delicious metaphor. Margaret B. Jones just released a harrowing memoir called Love and Consequences. It’s about how she, a half-white, half-Native American, ended up in a foster […]

I mentioned it briefly in a post last week, but I’m a big fan of The Junky Car Club. The JCC is a laid-back coalition of happy drivers who intentionally tool around in less-than-new vehicles. Why? Three big reasons: 1) […]