O Me of Little Faith

Quick vocabulary lesson for you: Hermeneutics is the word theologians and ministers use to describe the study of interpretation of religious texts — in most cases, the Bible. Scot McKnight, one of my favorite New Testament theologians and proprietor of the popular blog, has put together a handy interactive quiz that helps give some framework to the way you read the Bible. Do you approach it from a more literal, conservative viewpoint? From a progressive, liberal viewpoint? Do you read it at all? (If not, you’ll be bored with the quiz.)

McKnight has said the point of the survey isn’t to attach labels to people, but to start a conversation about what we do with the stuff written in the Bible. It’s pretty simplified — it sort of has to be — but has some interesting questions and things to think about.

I’m interested in the scores of those of you reading this blog. Where do you rank along the hermeneutical spectrum? Take the test (it’ll take about a minute) and post your score below.

Take the hermeneutical quiz here.

(HT: Longbrake)

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