O Me of Little Faith

I’m not generally a big Super Bowl watcher. There have been a couple games over the past few years that I didn’t watch at all. Two years ago, my wife and I were in in Las Vegas on Super Bowl weekend and we watched the game while making our way down the strip. So I saw various parts of the game on big screen TVs in the sports-betting corners of about six casinos. Kind of a fun way to do it, if you don’t have any money on the line. And if you don’t mind the smoke. Or the incessant ching-ching-ching-beep-boop of slot machines.

But this year I watched the entire game with friends while our kids played in a different room. And it was pretty nice. I actually got to, you know, watch. The game. And see the commercials. (A pretty uninspired crop this year. I thought the Pepsi/Justin Timberlake one was clever, despite the lowbrow JT-gets-hit-in-the-crotch comedy. (JT called it at the beginning: “It’s childish and immature.”) The Will Ferrell/Jackie Moon one made me laugh, too, mainly because it was, well, Will Ferrell in an old-school basketball uni talking about “delicious alcohol.” Best one of the night was, by far, the balloon one for Coke. By the way, Slate agrees.)

It was a good game…to make an ridiculous understatement. Probably one of the best ever. Other than that, if you’re just aching to know my additional thoughts on something related to the game — especially regarding the mind-boggling catch made by David Tyree that set up the Giants’ go-ahead touchdown — you can read those thoughts here. Thanks to Bryan Allain at Prayers for Blowouts for letting me guest-blog about sports, which I don’t do very often.

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