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The sporting world has always been enamored of multitaskers. Bo Jackson (Baseball, Football), Joe Gibbs (Football, NASCAR), Bill Belichick (Football, Videography, Fashion). We learned this week that the world of sports blogging also has a few notable multitaskers.

And no, it’s not Curt Schilling (Pitching, Blogging).

The anonymous guys at Fire Joe Morgan — an always caustic, frequently vulgar, and consistently hilarious blog dedicated to the art of exposing the inanities of sportswriters and announcers — have finally pulled back the curtain and revealed who they really are. Turns out Ken Tremendous isn’t some hack pushing papers at Fremulon Insurance in Kansas. He’s none other than Michael Schur, a former SNL scribe and now a writer and producer for “The Office.” (He also plays the beloved Mose from Schrute Farms.) Junior is Alan Yang (a writer for “Last Call with Carson Daly“) and dak is Dave King (also a writer for Daly).

Writing for TV and writing stats-obsessed baseball blogs are two pretty different things, but these guys excel at both (at least Schur does…I can’t say I’ve watched a whole lot of Carson Daly). It brings up some big questions, though. Will FJM stay just as good now that its devoted fans know they’re dealing with people in the entertainment biz? Will Schur and company continue to pile on lazy journalists and bad announcers now that they’ve dropped their masks of anonymity? Will the producers of “The Office” have to drop their dream of that Joe Morgan cameo? Will Mose and Dwight ever get into a wrestling match about the relative usefulness of VORP in determining a player’s value? Stay tuned…

(Note: This post appeared yesterday at Bryan Allain’s excellent sports & faith blog, Prayers for Blowouts.)

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