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(Part of a twelve part series. Click HERE to collect ’em all!) The Sign: Sagittarius, the Archer The Villain: Negan, The Walking Dead Known For: Cheerful, outgoing demeanor. Quick-witted and charming.  Comfortable and casual taste in clothes. Enjoys sports and […]

(Sung to the tune of “Don’t Fence Me In”) Give me a hand, another hand, with this playpen chicken wire Let’s fence him in! This kid keeps running off, and he just won’t ever tire Let’s fence him in! He […]

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Best personal trait: Optimism Worst personal trait: Optimism *** An overly optimistic Sagittarius can’t stop coughing for two weeks straight. His wife keeps nagging at him to get it checked out (she’s probably a Virgo — […]

As part of my ongoing campaign to make the world a happier place this month, here is a less-than-reverent look at Sagittarius.    (Oh, don’t worry… there’s plenty of serious stuff to be covered in the next few weeks before […]

(This is a part of the “Astrology Of Love And Compatibility” series) AKA: The Centaur, The Archer, The Hind End Of The Horse Ruling Planet: Jupiter, the biggest gasbag going around the Sun. Identifying Features: Optimistic, philosophical, and so much more. Just ask […]