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The Internet tells us that astrology is now really big with Millennials (and the Internet is never wrong about anything, is it?). On the one hand, this is good news for astrologers and astrology in general. Who doesn’t love being […]

Today on my blog I am interviewing someone who is a pioneer in the field of astrology: the first person to ever get a Sign Change operation. Under condition of anonymity, she has generously offered to share her story with […]

I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to write about astrology for Beliefnet (World’s Biggest Spirituality Web Site, yo!). Even though it’s not the sort of place a lot of people may expect to find astrology, they’ve made room for […]

“The Bachelor: Aries”: He wants to get married… right now! Hurry up and grab your veil, the cab’s waiting! What the hell are you waiting for? Next week: Aries runs away. “Cutthroat Kitchen”: In one of the challenges an opponent […]

A survey released in Australia recently reveals some surprising reasons why long-term couples break up. Okay, some of those reasons aren’t so surprising: physical violence being the biggest single indicator that it’s not going to work. But many relationships that […]

(This is a part of my Beginner’s Astrology course, which is just starting now. Feel free to contact me about getting in at the last minute, or in a few months when I do it again.) We are all a […]