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I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to write about astrology for Beliefnet (World’s Biggest Spirituality Web Site, yo!). Even though it’s not the sort of place a lot of people may expect to find astrology, they’ve made room for […]

“The Bachelor: Aries”: He wants to get married… right now! Hurry up and grab your veil, the cab’s waiting! What the hell are you waiting for? Next week: Aries runs away. “Cutthroat Kitchen”: In one of the challenges an opponent […]

A survey released in Australia recently reveals some surprising reasons why long-term couples break up. Okay, some of those reasons aren’t so surprising: physical violence being the biggest single indicator that it’s not going to work. But many relationships that […]

(This is a part of my Beginner’s Astrology course, which is just starting now. Feel free to contact me about getting in at the last minute, or in a few months when I do it again.) We are all a […]