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Learn Astrology: Mercury, And The Mystery Of Opossum Nipples

posted by Matthew Currie

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(SCENE: The Birth Chart, which is completely empty and featureless except for the Sun and Moon, who said a small distance away from each other on deck chairs. Nothing is happening.)

SUN: (Scratches himself)

(There is another long pause)

MOON: (burps)

(Another long pause)

SUN: So…


MOON: Yup.

(Long pause)

SUN: Not much going on around here.

(From off in the distance we hero voice. It is MERCURY.)

MERCURY: Hey! Hey you guys! Sounds to me like you could use some conversation!

SUN: Who’s that?

MERCURY: It’s me, Mercury! I’m here to bring you the gifts of thought, language, and ideas. Sure, I rule lots of other things like short trips and telephones and signing contracts and negotiating and such, but but really, I’m mostly about generating and exchanging ideas and thinking about things.

MOON: That seems like an awful lot of work.

MERCURY: Oh, it can be, but it’s all worth it. Like, for example… have you ever considered the mystery of the opossum’s nipples?

SUN: What?

MERCURY: That’s right, the mystery of opossum nipples. You see, all mammals have nipples – except for the spiny echidna and platypus. You see, mammals tend to follow what’s called the “one-half rule” : they have an average litter-size equal to one half the total number of their nipples. The majority of human births are single, and humans have two nipples. There are exceptions of course, like cats who have six nipples usually, but often have a litter of more than three kittens. And it’s always an even number, except for the Virginia Opossum which has thirteen. Thirteen nipples!

MOON: Well, that’s… interesting, but I’m not really sure what it has to do with our current situation.

MERCURY: Think about it for a minute.

SUN: Well, let me see… I don’t think it has anything to do with how empty this place is, does it?

MERCURY: Not exactly, but I think you have to admit that now that you have something to think about, the place is a lot less boring. Plus we can talk about it!

MOON: (Pauses to think) Why do men have nipples?

MERCURY: You see? You’re getting the hang of it! I’ve just opened up your basic experience to a much broader world. I’ve given you the opportunity to grow and to change and to learn from others and from the world around you. I’ve given you the opportunity to become something greater than yourself. That’s something you never had before I showed up!

SUN: I still think I am pretty great, thank you very much.

MERCURY: And so you are, big guy. But now you have the chance to be even greater!

SUN: I like the sound of that!

MOON: So anyway, what’s the deal with the opossum nipples?

MERCURY: Well, I like to spot patterns in the world around me, and that’s something I find interesting. I have no idea why it is though. Same story with men’s nipples.

MOON: You mean we’re going to have to figure out answers for ourselves sometimes?

MERCURY: Yes, but that’s part of the fun of life. It’s certainly going to be better than sitting around doing nothing.

SUN: Well then, welcome to our place, Mercury. Pull up a deck chair!

MERCURY: Don’t mind if I do. Now, as for the question about male nipples: there is no one definitive answer, but science offers several possible explanations…

MOON: This isn’t always going to be about nipples is it?

MERCURY: Absolutely not! There will be social pleasantries and pasta recipes and gossip and news and sports scores and philosophical concepts and wiring diagrams and minor complaints and knock knock jokes and history lessons and forensic accounting and sudoku and crossword puzzles and home handyman tips and millions of other things too!

SUN: (To Moon) He certainly has given us a lot to think about.

MOON: Yeah, and it’s not exactly quiet around here anymore either.

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Astrology Of The Michael Brown Shooting In Ferguson Missouri

posted by Matthew Currie
beliefnet matthew currie astrology ferguson michael brown

Inner ring: Ferguson, MO incorporation chart. Outer Ring: Michael Brown shooting

Predicting the future with 100% accuracy all the time, to the exact day every time is impossible, whether you are an astrologer or a doctor or a market analyst. But an astrologer who is good at his or her job with the birth chart can pin down particular times of opportunity or potential peril with surprising accuracy.

Nobody could have known in advance that many of the tensions that have built up over the years between local communities and their police departments throughout America would erupt in death and rioting and excessive use of force in Ferguson Missouri, or when exactly. Hindsight, as always, gets the best of all of us.

However, if Ferguson Missouri had been an individual who was coming to me for a reading, the conditions that Ferguson has been facing recently are as plain as the nose on your face: a perfect storm of difficult transits. The human factors that led to this tremendous mess, this affront to human decency, are many and complex. But the astrology involved is straightforward.

When we are looking at what each planet symbolizes in astrology, “law and order” is the domain of Saturn. Saturn is the planet that holds the lid down on the forces of anarchy. Actually Saturn loves to hold the lid down on anything it can. Saturn does not discriminate, in that it is the universal representative of command and control. Uranus, on the other hand, is the rebel, the revolutionary idea, the cry for freedom.

We are in the middle of a Saturn Uranus quincunx: a rare and powerful struggle between the forces of order and chaos. Saturn is now at 17° Scorpio and Uranus is at 16° Aries. Although this aspect affects us differently based on the details of our birth charts, it has had a profound and obvious effect on the “birth chart” of Ferguson. As I’ve shown before in entries about Bitcoin and Godzilla, business ventures and even abstract concepts have a birth chart, and for a municipality we would look first to the chart for the date of incorporation. The city of Ferguson Missouri was incorporated on November 19, 1894 (thanks, Ruth from the Ferguson Historical Society for the info) — and the Saturn-Uranus quincunx is playing hell with Ferguson’s natal Uranus.

On Saturday, August 9, Michael Brown, an 18-year-old who had recently graduated high school and was looking forward to college, was shot to death by a police officer in his home of Ferguson Missouri while walking down the street with a friend. The next day, a candlelight vigil in memory of Brown ended up turning violent. Several businesses were vandalized and looted and over 30 people were arrested and two police officers were injured. The date after that, hundreds of people gathered outside the Ferguson Police Department demanding justice for the shooting. There were more arrests.

beliefnet matthew currie astrology ferguson michael brown aspect gri

Aspects to Ferguson, MO incorporation chart at time of shooting

Events quickly seem to take on a life of their own, as many people protested peacefully, but some did so angrily. The police responded with rubber bullets and tear gas and armored vehicles. Two journalists were arrested for “loitering” in a local McDonald’s while they were eating. The police lobbed tear gas at a TV news crew. The FAA declared a no fly zone over the city at the request of the police, although whether this was for the safety of police helicopters or to prevent further news coverage is debatable. We do know that the limited resources of the Ferguson police, 55 officers in total, were able to spare enough people to block the main road into town to prevent further media coverage.

Saturn was conjunct Ferguson’s natal Uranus within a fraction of a degree on the day of the Brown shooting. And transiting Uranus was quincunx that natal Uranus within a much smaller fraction of a degree. Furthermore, both transiting Mars and Pluto were quincunx Ferguson’s natal Pluto (Pluto within less than half a degree of exact). Finally, transiting Mars was trine Ferguson’s Jupiter: perhaps violently fueling the excess.

Things still haven’t settled down. These transits are all still in effect. In fact, as of this writing, transiting Mars is exactly conjunct Ferguson’s Mercury, and will be exactly conjunct Ferguson’s natal Uranus… where this mess all started… in about a week. There has been no violence so far tonight, the protests have spread far beyond Ferguson. Although one would like to think things would have settled down, all the indicators are that the ugliness may not have come to an end yet. And even if there is no more violence, clearly there is definitely something here that needs to be faced.

And here we are, still well within the grasp of the Uranus-Pluto square. Stay tuned, America.


I can’t tell you exactly what happened when Michael Brown was shot. I wasn’t there. I do know the cop – whose name has not yet been released – apparently tells a story about a struggle for his gun that resulted in Michael Brown’s death. I also know that there is more than one eyewitness who claim that the cop in question simply shot Michael Brown while Michael was backing away with his hands up.

I guess what I’m saying here is this: we can’t really tell for sure if an 18-year-old black guy with no criminal record walking to his grandmother’s house with a friend may have in fact suddenly decided to go off the rails for no reason whatsoever. Or, perhaps a white guy who is a member of an ever increasingly militarized police force decided it was okay to kill an unarmed young man.

You know how it is, though: if a meteor fell out of the sky and killed a black guy, there are some people who would insist he was asking for it, and there are others who would claim it was all deliberate on the meteor’s part. Those of you who saw my recent blog entry about my having personally been witness to another high profile incident resulting in the death of a black guy can probably figure out what I’m thinking about this though.

So: if Ferguson Missouri was a person coming to me with this birth chart a month ago, I would look Ferguson Missouri in the eye and say “you have some very difficult transits coming up, and you really need to sit down and think about how you’re living your life and what you’re doing with it, okay?” As it is though, Ferguson Missouri is not an actual person. It is merely a subset of America.

So, America: you really need to sit down and think about how you’re living your life and what you’re doing with it, okay?


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Learn Astrology: The Moon – Feed Me!

posted by Matthew Currie

The Sun appeared to have the place all to itself, and that suited the Sun just fine. After all, it’s pretty awesome being the Sun.

At the same time though, the Sun had a strange feeling. Could it be… incompleteness? That didn’t seem very likely to the Sun. Thus, it was with both a certain amount of relief and a fair amount of surprise that the Sun reacted when the voice suddenly announced itself from somewhere behind the Sun .

“You have needs,” the voice said.

The Sun turned around and saw the Moon was there. The Moon smiled and gestured expansively at the vast empty birth chart surrounding the two. “Sure, you’re great, but don’t you hope for more than just that?”

The Sun pause to consider. “Like… what?”

“You need to have needs!” The Moon replied. “You need to feel the need to connect to other people. You need to have instincts about things. You need emotional satisfaction!” The Moon replied. “Just think of all the stuff you could have if you teamed up with me. Nurturance, and the ability to nurture others. That certain je ne sais quoi! A feeling of completion! The sense that your yang has a yin! Don’t get me wrong bud, you’re magnificent all by yourself. But if you aren’t able to connect to others, who else is going to appreciate how magnificent you are? Am I right?”

The Sun paused to consider this. “I admit this sounds like a pretty good partnership. But to be honest with you I don’t know how I feel about sharing top billing.”

“Oh, that’s the beauty of it amigo.” The Moon said. “You will always get top billing. Whenever anyone asks ‘what sign are you,’ they’re never going to be asking about little ol’ me. But I will still always be there for you, buddy, giving you intuition and childhood memories and appetites and concerns and longings that you couldn’t even possibly imagine if it weren’t for me.”

“Okay, this sounds like a good deal to me. But is it going to cost me anything?” The Sun said.

“Not a dime!” The Moon replied confidently. “All you have to do is feed me.”

“Feed you?” The Sun said. “That’s it?”

“That’s the whole deal, bro,” the Moon said as it smiled broadly, revealing two rows of pointy teeth.

The Moon slowly extended a long sea-green tendril to embrace the Sun in a friendly hug. “Feed me. I get so hungry sometimes.”

The Moon licked its lips. “Feed me. I need to be fed or neither of us will do ourselves or anyone else any good. I’ll try not to make you go to far out of your way to do it, or block your needs or thwart your ambitions or screw up your relationships, but I have appetites, and I can’t guarantee that won’t happen sometimes. But most of all… I need you to feed me. Feed me. Feed me.

YouTube Preview Image

“Feed me!”


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The Astrology Of Robin Williams: Behind The Mask Of Comedy

posted by Matthew Currie

YouTube Preview Image

Robin Williams is dead at age 63, apparently by his own hand. These are the plain facts of it. This came as a surprise, and it’s the kind of news that hit me like a punch in the gut. And yet, in hindsight  (and isn’t hindsight always perfect?) it is no surprise. There is something obvious we all missed about Robin Williams — or that perhaps we saw and chose to ignore.


Robin Williams (born July 21, 1951, 1:34 PM Chicago Illinois) was arguably the funniest human of his generation. He’s best known as a comedian, and launched to fame in the 1980s in the sitcom “Mork and Mindy.” But his talents were too great to be contained by a sitcom, and before long he was starring in major films and was a leading force behind “Comic Relief USA” which raised millions for the homeless. We can look at Robin Williams’ birth chart and see the signs of potential depression: Moon in sensitive Pisces opposite Venus in Virgo. A Moon in Pisces is sensitive enough to life’s discomforts as it is, without any oppositions. The Moon’s ruler was Neptune, and Robin’s Neptune was in the 12th house. This is always the mark of someone who could stand to have some form of spiritual retreat in his life. It seems unlikely that the nature of his busy Hollywood lifestyle would allow for that sort of thing a lot, although he did end up in rehab a few times. The potential for something alone does not guarantee it will definitely happen. There was more to this suicide then simply indicators of depression in the birth chart.  There were difficult transits happening when he died, but perhaps more importantly: there was something obvious going on all along with Robin Williams that you and I didn’t see, or chose to ignore, despite the fact that it was quite literally staring us in the face.


As far as the kinds of transits that could trigger a suicide: transiting Pluto was closely opposing Robin’s Mars-Uranus conjunction at the time of his death. A Pluto transit opposite either planet is going to be a challenge, and it can be argued that suicide is aggression (Mars) turned inward. Saturn’s recent passage over Robin’s Ascendant and close square to his natal Pluto undoubtedly weren’t helping either. Under the best circumstances, any one of these transits could be the sort of thing that would indicate a significant emotional crisis. And perhaps all of them put together were the final straw for Robin Williams, who had always struggled with depression. Anyone getting tough transits from both Saturn and Pluto is going to have a hard time. But this too misses what should have been obvious.


There is a cliché that artists need to suffer in order to create. I don’t know whether or not that’s absolutely necessary, but it certainly does seem to help. Whatever pain Robin Williams carried around inside of him was turned by the alchemy of Art into entertainment for millions. That is a profound blessing, but it may not have been enough to help him with his own burden. Whenever we see the art, we are also seeing the artist… but (by definition) that art is a distortion. It is what the artist wants us to see. It is an illusion projected from that artists own reality, whatever that may be. When we look at people, we tend to see what we want to see. When we see an entertainer, we want entertainment and not necessarily to dive deeply into his or her soul. When we look at the birth chart in to see the configuration of the planets, we don’t always see the entirety of the person… especially if there is something about that entirety that disturbs us or doesn’t match our expectations. I can’t claim any special form of clairvoyance or connection with Mr. Williams, but his natal Sun was conjunct my Moon and Ascendant, and his Moon was conjunct my Saturn, so there is a case to be made for me having seen his inner life perhaps a little more than the average viewer did, or wanted to. I can’t claim any special knowledge of the man, but ever since I first saw Robin Williams in the 1980s, and every time I saw him afterwards – whether he was being a comedian or being serious or in any of the roles he was playing – there was always one thing that stood out at me, and always disturbed me. No matter what role he was playing, clown or serious, actor or humanitarian, there was always sadness in Robin Williams eyes. Always. Go back now and watch any performance of his that you can think of, no matter what the role or genre, and tell me you don’t see it now too. And what’s more: you probably saw it all along but didn’t want to think about it too much. That’s how great his work was. Like a magician, he completely deceived you with his performance, and you were pleased to be tricked, and so was I. Sometimes life is a great adventure. Sometimes life is about facing the next challenge. Sometimes life is just about getting through the day. And sometimes, in words spoken by Robin Williams in one of my favorite films, What Dreams May Come… ironically about a man who dies and seeks out his wife’s soul in the afterlife to rescue her from hell because she’s committed suicide… It’s about not giving up.

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