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Making Astrology Work: The Rectification Of Kim Jong Un

posted by Matthew Currie

Last time, I spoke a little about how astrology cannot only predict the future, but can also be used to select optimum timing… in other words, to help you make the future you want. That concept can be a little mind-bending for some people, but if you thought that was weird, try this: if astrology can determine future events by looking at your date, time, and place of birth – it can also determine your date, time, and place of birth by looking at events in your past.

Yes, really. If you want to see a technical breakdown of how it’s done, read on. Otherwise, feel free to scroll down to the amusing video and the bit at the end about the free stuff.


I have always had a fascination with the weird and terrifying world of North Korea. It’s something I would have written about many times by now, were it not for the fact that,  just like so many other things to do with North Korea, there are a lot of lies and misinformation out there about the subject. For example, there is no firm birth chart for former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il. He may have been born in 1941, or he might’ve been born in 1942. He may have been born on Mount Paektu in North Korea, but there’s a good chance he was born somewhere in the Soviet Union. Predicting the future is risky enough in astrology, even when the correct data is known.

We face a similar situation with his son, current leader Kim Jong-un. Although his place of birth is less disputed, various sources give his birthdate as either January 8, 1983 or January 8, 1984. Which is correct?

The process is complex, but the idea is simple: if, based on the date time and place of birth, astrology can describe the present and predict the future — then it can also (by using the same processes) tell us what the past was like. And thus, if we know what the past was like, we can use that to determine what the birth chart is like.

You can speculate all you want about the man’s personality. The truth is, we don’t really know much about it in Kim’s case. Yes, he is a tyrant in charge of the world’s most oppressive regime. But, is he worse than his father or grandfather were? Does he like dogs more than they did or less than they did? Is he better or worse at telling jokes? Who knows? The usual personality-based approaches to astrology are largely useless in a case like this.

So let’s set aside all matters of “personality” and our presumptions about how monstrous a person must be to run a monstrous operation like North Korea. and look at the observables. Sometimes those with an interest in astrology pay so much attention to the personality that they forget that the personality is a hard-to-define thing, which only comes into existence because of a real and observable person who is subject to real and observable events. It’s one thing for an astrologer to look at your chart and say “in the next month, you will have less social contact with your coworkers” and another entirely to say “you stand a good chance of getting fired in the next month,” despite the fact that the two sort of add up to the same thing.

Man, this blog entry is getting heavy. Time for a dance break!

YouTube Preview Image

An important part of Kim Jong-un’s job is to be seen leading his people. Being a successful tyrant requires a lot of job skills, and making PR appearances is one of the requirements. Kim has dropped out of sight in the last three weeks. In fact the situation has caused so much concern that the North Korean media has actually been forced to address it, which is a rarity. They claim he is suffering from “discomfort.”

(Here’s a fun project for you: try calling in sick from your job for three weeks and tell them you’re suffering from “discomfort.” Let me know how that works out for you.)

I don’t have any more access to the daily details of Kim’s life anymore than you do, and in fact even the CIA probably doesn’t know a heck of a lot about these things. But we can tell from his photos that is pretty fat – especially for a guy running a country where the average citizen eats about 800 calories a day – and that before his disappearance he was seen walking with a limp.

This could be a sign of gout, which we know the Kim family has a genetic predisposition towards. Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis that affects the joints, most notably the big toe, and is caused in part by a excess of uric acid in the blood stream. It is believed that Kim Jong-un has the same predisposition towards drinking and partying that his father had, which would only make it worse. Gout was once known as “a rich man’s disease” or” the disease of kings.”

So – and I admit we’re speculating here – if Kim’s “discomfort” is due to gout, what should we be seeing for transits to the birth chart? Inflammation, like the kind caused by gout, is ruled by Mars, and Jupiter plays a role in “excess.”  Even without a time of birth, we can look at the charts for Kim’s birthday — either 1983 or 1984 — and determine which one is having the most likely transits to cause that sort of thing.

beliefnet astrology matthew currie kim jong un

Will the real Kim Jong-un please stand up…?

Let’s look at the  transits the 1983 and 1984 charts are having, starting around three weeks ago when Kim made his last public appearance, limping:


Venus quincunx the natal Mercury-Venus conjunction. A fairly minor transit, but one that can set off eating/digestion related problems, especially given that Venus rules the kidneys, which are responsible for filtering the uric acid out of your blood stream.

Mars s square natal Mars. This is a big one for Mars-related issues.

Transiting Mars square natal Moon, but since the Moon moves fairly quickly and we don’t know his time of birth, we can’t rely on this. The Moon also has some rulership over digestive issues, and a Moon-Mars square in the birth chart could be generally indicative of food/lifestyle related health problems.

Saturn square Mars, and possibly conjunct the Moon. This is going to be a fairly difficult transit no matter who you are or what shape you’re in.

Uranus square natal Sun. The Sun has general rulership over “the life force,” and general vitality.

This particular combination of transits would be unsettling for anyone, regardless of their physical health.


– Transiting Venus square natal Venus, trine natal Mercury. Overall, no big deal.

Transiting Mars makes no major aspects to the birth chart, and wouldn’t until Mars entered Sagittarius on the 14th.

– The tail-end of the Saturn Return. Yes, the Saturn Return is a big deal for most people, but not the automatic cause of all horrors… especially in Kim’s case, as Saturn is sextile the sun. We might well expect this to be a time of improved health rather than sickness.

– Transiting Uranus is square the Sun (as is the case with the 1983 chart), but it’s been doing that for a couple of years now.

– Transiting Neptune is making a weak square to Venus, but a strong trine to Pluto.

– Transiting Pluto makes a weak sextile to natal Saturn.

So: even though the 1984 chart is just coming off of the Saturn Return, overall the indicators for trouble are much stronger in the 1983 chart. Furthermore, things are only likely to get worse as Saturn leaves Scorpio and enters early Sagittarius, conjuncting his Jupiter (and in range of the conjunction to his Uranus) in January, and again in November 2015. Keep an eye on the news.


The basic principles of rectification can be further extended so that, with some work and research, we could actually determine Kim’s time of birth as well. But frankly: that’s a lot of work, he’s a horrible man, and he’s not a paying client… so I will leave that task to someone else.


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Using Electional Astrology To Get Real, Practical Results

posted by Matthew Currie

Everything happens for a reason – but sometimes we can tip the balance of the Universe in our favor.

Have you ever had something important planned that fell apart because of some annoying little complication, like you missed the bus, or messed up the address, or something like that? Or have you ever had a good idea that should have worked but didn’t come together because of various unforeseen little complications? Frustrating, isn’t it?

On the other hand: you’ve probably had something happen in your life that turned out surprisingly well because of similar little circumstances working out. In either case, an astrologer can look at the transits you were having at the time and see the potential for things going wrong or going right. But what if you could actually plan ahead to initiate your plans at the right time?

Actually, you can. This is what we call “electional astrology.” The rest of this blog entry will be heavy on the technical details, so if you don’t care about those so much, but you have an important project to start, feel free to skip ahead to the end and contact me for a reading.


It seems kind of obvious to say that if a project or a business or an idea works out and gets results, it’s because of “good transits.” The opposite also seems pretty obvious. Humans are subject to hindsight, but ultimately the planets are always where they were going to be. But timing is everything, and although we usually stumble into these things by accident, astrology can actually help you maximize your chances of success.

Here is the example from one of the members of “Learn Astrology With Matthew Currie,” the Facebook group where we are having an ongoing conversation learning and understanding astrology better. What, you haven’t heard about that? Really, you should drop by the “Oh My Stars” Facebook group (which is absolutely free) and ask about it.

When we want to see what would be a good time to take a certain action or start a new project, we look at the transits — in other words, where the planets are now relative to where they were when you were born, and whether or not they will be helpful. But we also need to keep in mind that every action or a new project also has a “birth chart” of its own. In other words, you’re likely to have success with something when you’re having good transits for it, but if you commence the action at the right day and time, you are much more likely to get positive results.

Student 15 was inquiring about a new job possibility with her boss — specifically, a position in a different state she’s been dying to move to. She sent the e-mail on September 15th, 2014 at 11:11 AM local time (yes, I’m sure a numerologist WOULD have something to say about that).

beliefnet matthew currie learn astrology studentHere are the pertinent transits Student 15 was having at the time:

This person’s career (The 10th house) and general direction in life (the Midheaven) are ruled in her birth chart by Neptune. Natally her Neptune is at 7° Capricorn. Pluto is in conjunction range of that now, so we shouldn’t be too surprised if big changes happen. Transiting Venus was passing over her South Node, and still within range of the trine to her Neptune, so we could expect not only that she would be expressing herself while at work, but that “karma” would lend a helping hand.

Most importantly, transiting Neptune is in the Sign it rules, approaching the conjunction with the Midheaven, and making a sextile to its own position in the birth chart. This is a particularly powerful combination as far as what you getting what you want with your work and career. Throw in  transiting Jupiter on top of her Venus, with Venus having a general association with “money and material well-being,” and things are looking good so far.

But it’s when we look at the chart for when she actually sent that email to open the door for that position that things get really interesting. Every action we take has a “birth chart” of its own, just like any new project you initiate, and like any birth chart tells the story.

beliefnet matthew currie electional astrologyJupiter is in the 10th house and conjunct the Midheaven. That right there makes for decent success as far as career. The Midheaven of the local chart is ruled by the Sun, and the Sun is in the 11th house of the local chart. The 10th house maybe career, but the 11th house is more specifically “money made off the career.” So it looks like this could be a good thing economically too. Uranus can be a disruption, but in the sixth house, within the context of the question, we can expect that moving to another state will cause at least a little disruption with the routines.

-The Moon is always important, and since it is the ruler of the local Ninth House (long-distance travel) it takes on special significance. The last major aspect the Moon made before the time of the e-mail was a sextile to the Midheaven – so close that it can be considered exact. The next aspect the Moon would make in this chart would be the trine to Mercury. Mercury is both the ruler of the Moon in this chart and the ruler of the 11th House, which is (again) “money made from the career.”

-One might be concerned to see Saturn arising in this charge. But Saturn is this case ruled by Pluto, which is in the third House – communications.

Now, admittedly, there may be some unforeseen circumstances yet. Mercury is very important to this chart, and if it’s in the 12th House. However it is it a sign ruled by Venus, and Venus is in a sign ruled by Mercury. This is what we call a “mutual reception,” which strengthens both. furthermore, we were trees next exact aspect, other than trying to the Moon, is a conjunction to the north node… which implies destiny is at work here somehow.

And in fact, if Destiny hadn’t been hard at work with me on that day Student 15 asked about this matter, I would have picked this time and date for her to send that e-mail. Funny how things work out sometimes, isn’t it…?

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Weekly Horoscope And Grenade Launcher Etiquette: September 22-28, 2014

posted by Matthew Currie

This week’s zodiacal activity is all about getting along with others and the correct application of force. The Sun enters Libra on Monday and that naturally puts an emphasis on “relationships.” That’s also the day that Pluto stops going retrograde and takes on particular strength. And the New Moon in Libra late Tuesday/early Wednesday gives us a chance to reboot the cycles we’ve found ourselves in, with particular emphasis on how well we play with others. That all sounds fine and well, doesn’t it? Hey: did you notice the bit where I mentioned Pluto? Yeah. Not so straightforward after all, it seems. You have the chance to straighten out your connections with others, sure. But Pluto packs an extra punch. Like, an explosive punch. Let me explain.

YouTube Preview Image

This is NOT how to negotiate a raise at your hospital job.

I learned a lot about playing well with others in school. As a matter of fact, as most of you who have gone to public school know, school isn’t as much about learning things like spelling and biology as you might think. Yeah, there’s math and stuff, but school is largely a matter of learning to wait your turn and raise your hand and ask to go to the bathroom and generally to not steamroll others. You might not remember how to work with fractions anymore, but odds are good you are still interacting with human beings in one form or another. It turns out that numerous school districts across the United States have received free weapons from the military as part of a program to… I don’t know, Homeland Security or something. Let’s be honest here: America loved big explosions all along, and simply can’t get enough of the heavy armaments, so why not? The point is there are school boards across America now that have their own armored vehicles, M-16 machine guns, and grenade launchers. Yeah. Nothing could go wrong there, am I right? So yes, your will is strong to change your relationships with others. And yes, Libra season is all about “relating.” But with the extra added punch of Pluto, you ought to be careful. Really, really careful. Here is a quick guide as to how to handle your personal situations in the next week, as taught in the (now heavily-armed) School Of Life.


DON’T SAY: “I am sick and tired of how you are always in my face about things!” DO SAY: “I realize you have numerous concerns with me, and that’s okay. This M-16 has 50 rounds in its clip, so I feel I can address each of your issues individually. Please, share.” DON’T SAY: “Why does it seem like you’re always trying to keep me from getting anywhere with this relationship?” DO SAY: “I would like to see this relationship go somewhere too. Now please step aside: I’m still not entirely sure how to steer this armored personnel carrier.” DON’T SAY: “I don’t think I’m getting the recognition at this job I deserve.” DO SAY: “I have made a list of the many contributions I have made to the business. Here it is, taped to the end of my grenade launcher. Please review it at your earliest convenience.” DON’T SAY: “I am armed to the teeth and I don’t care who gets killed – things with us have to change!” DO SAY: “Honey, let’s talk about our relationship.”

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Transiting Saturn Conjunct Your Neptune: A Steamroller For Your Dreams

posted by Matthew Currie

beliefnet mattew currie saturn conjunct neptuneEven though in many ways my life is going pretty well, I feel a vice-like grip crushing my soul. Astrologers aren’t any more objective about themselves than anyone else is about themselves, when you get right down to it. If a client of mine with my birth chart came to me and asked about this, the cause would be immediate and obvious: transiting Saturn is conjunct my natal Neptune. If you were born anywhere in the 60s, you either had this feeling in one form or another recently or will soon. Don’t worry: if you were born in the 70s or 80s, your time is coming.

Between now and December, Saturn will be passing through the rest of Scorpio. It pauses and goes retrograde in March just short of 5° Sagittarius and re-enters Scorpio in June, finally emerging again in September 2015. Saturn then goes on to 16° Sagittarius in March 2016. There is good that can come from this transit, but it’s rarely fun or easy, even if there are good things happening in your life overall.

This means that in the next year and a half, Saturn will run over the Neptune of everyone born between late 1965 and late 1978.


Here is when you can expect the Saturn-Neptune sucking to reach its peak in your life:

Born 1964-1966: now until mid-November.

Born 1969-1973: Double whammy! Saturn will be all over your Neptune between November this year and November 2015. That’s how retrogrades work. Thanks, retrogrades!

Born 1974-1979: You will be feeling the Saturn pinch from about November 2015 through to the middle of 2016.

Of course, you’ll be having plenty of other transits during that time, and many of them will undoubtedly be very good and constructive. But Saturn coming within 5° or less of your natal Neptune can be a really painful time. Yes, it can give you the discipline to make your dreams more of a reality. Yes, it can teach you that important lesson to “let go and let God.” But it generally isn’t a very happy transit. It can rob you of a lot of your illusions, and let’s be honest here: sometimes it’s the illusions that make life a lot more bearable. It can also be a time when a chronic health problems especially immune issues become more serious.

However, the Saturn Steamroller is not without its benefits. You can’t live in an illusion forever, and if you want your reality to even come close to matching your dreams, you’re going to need a bracing jab of cold Saturn’s steel to make it happen.

A lot of this depends on the other placements in your chart. In my case: I have a particularly strongly-aspected Neptune, which means that even though I am experiencing this, some other departments of my life are going pretty well. But still: it sucks. Did I mention that already?

One of the great joys of astrology is being able to look ahead an know that it won’t last forever — and that by such-and-such a date the pain will stop, and then afterwards something good will come of life. In times like this, it’s a comfort to be able to look ahead and see something other than more darkness.

In the meantime, though…

YouTube Preview Image

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