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Your Moon Astrology Forecast For November 2014

posted by Matthew Currie
Finally... clear-cut directions from an astrologer!

Finally… clear-cut directions from an astrologer!

November isn’t usually the most exciting month of the year. It doesn’t have a Halloween or Christmas going for it. The weather is usually bad, but not as bad as it will be.

Astrologically, this November is a bit like that. Jupiter and Saturn are square each other, but it isn’t exact. Uranus and Pluto are approaching the exact square, but that doesn’t happen until December. Mars is doing solid work in Capricorn all month long, Venus enter Sagittarius on the 17th, and overall there’s no reason to panic.

Still: even if there is in a panic going on, life always provides us with an opportunity to screw up. That’s why we need to pay attention to the Void of Course Moon. If you’re unfamiliar with what that phenomenon means, click here. If you want to know how best to handle those times, click here. In general though, just trying to avoid starting or completing any important projects or making important agreements when the moon is void and you should be all right.

More than anything though, paying attention to the Void of Course Moon can be like a permission slip from the Universe to goof off. And hey, could we all use a bit of that sometimes?


Below is a listing for Void Of Course (VOC) Moon times and dates for the month of November  (if you’re unfamiliar with how useful the VOC Moon concept is, click here for more information). The particularly long and awful Voids are marked with **

All times are Eastern. You do the math.

Nov  1, 2014     2:22 AM               Moon square Saturn V/C
Nov  1, 2014    12:37 PM                Moon enters Pisces

*** Daylight Saving Time ends. Sleep in an extra hour! ***

Nov  3, 2014     4:05 AM               Moon trine Saturn V/C **
Nov  3, 2014     1:53 PM                Moon enters Aries
Nov  5, 2014     8:25 AM               Moon opposite Mercury V/C
Nov  5, 2014     4:33 PM                Moon enters Taurus
Nov  7, 2014    11:17 AM               Moon opposite Saturn V/C
Nov  7, 2014     8:45 PM                Moon enters Gemini

Nov  9, 2014    11:22 AM               Moon sextile Jupiter V/C **

(The 9th is pretty much a write-off. Go home!)

Nov 10, 2014     3:38 AM                Moon enters Cancer
Nov 12, 2014     4:16 AM               Moon trine Saturn V/C
Nov 12, 2014     1:44 PM                Moon enters Leo
Nov 14, 2014     9:53 PM               Moon square Venus V/C
Nov 15, 2014     2:08 AM                Moon enters Virgo
Nov 17, 2014     6:11 AM               Moon sextile Saturn V/C
Nov 17, 2014     2:30 PM                Moon enters Libra
Nov 19, 2014     9:25 AM               Moon sextile Jupiter V/C
Nov 20, 2014    12:31 AM                Moon enters Scorpio
Nov 22, 2014    12:53 AM               Moon conjunct Saturn V/C
Nov 22, 2014     7:19 AM                Moon enters Sagittarius
Nov 23, 2014    10:16 PM               Moon trine Jupiter V/C
Nov 24, 2014    11:31 AM                Moon enters Capricorn
Nov 26, 2014    10:30 AM               Moon sextile Mercury V/C
Nov 26, 2014     2:23 PM                Moon enters Aquarius
Nov 28, 2014    12:14 PM               Moon square Saturn V/C
Nov 28, 2014     5:03 PM                Moon enters Pisces
Nov 30, 2014     3:47 PM               Moon trine Saturn V/C
Nov 30, 2014     8:14 PM                Moon enters Aries

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The Astrology Of Renée Zellweger’s Face

posted by Matthew Currie

Sometimes when you go a long time without seeing a person, you can be surprised by the changes they’ve undergone. People age. People gain or lose weight. People go through good and bad health.

Renée Zellweger (born April 25, 1969, 2:41 PM, Baytown Texas) is someone we haven’t seen a lot of in the last few years. And when she returned to the public eye this week, our first response was “excuse me, can we see some ID?”


Cases of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong can tell us a lot about ourselves. We all like to say things like “why can’t celebrities age gracefully?” or “why can’t people accept aging is natural?” yet so many of us, given the financial wherewithal, like to think “well, maybe just a little Botox” or “maybe I could get rid of just a few of these wrinkles” or maybe if I could take the chin up just a little.”

Over the course of the last three years, Renée has been experiencing transiting Pluto trine her natal Ascendant. The Ascendant rules how we come across to people and what we actually physically look like. Pluto brings dramatic change and transformation. Many people experiencing this transit will experience significant changes to the relationship or their role in life.

Renée Zellweger has actually gotten a new face out of this transit.

This is not a tale of plastic surgery disaster. This is not Meg Ryan destroying her famous good looks or Bruce Jenner turning himself into a perpetually frightened wax manikin or Kim Kardashian slowly sinking into an ocean of sculpted blandness. This is simply Renée Zellweger removing the identifying features from her face.

What’s strange to me about all this is that if you hadn’t seen her before, you wouldn’t necessarily suspect she had plastic surgery at all. You would simply assume that she was a generically attractive woman ten years younger than she actually is. But the weird thing is: it just isn’t Renée Zellweger anymore.

The reaction to Renée’s new face raises all sorts of questions about how we as a culture value women based on appearance, how Hollywood specifically treats women over the age of 30, and so on. Yes, it is unfair… you won’t get an argument out of me about that. But when we talk about “culture” (whether Western Culture as a whole or Hollywood Culture or whatever) we have to remember that it breaks down into individual cases. And in at least this one case, it seems to have made for some dramatic results.

The Uranus-Pluto square hits the exact degree next in December, and it makes an exact quincunx and trine to her Ascendant at that time. It will be interesting to see what this does to her public image, as we prepare for her first film appearance in several years in 2015.

Meanwhile: this Thursday’s Solar Eclipse at 0° Scorpio is in close conjunction to Bruce Jenner’s natal Ascendant. I am not certain what effects of this may have on his physical appearance over the next few months, but I’ve provided an illustration above that summarizes the work he’s had done on himself so far.

All I know for sure is: I used to like how Renée Zellweger looked. Anybody with any sense at all knows that “beauty is only skin deep,” but at the same time when I look at her now, I can’t help but wonder if she doesn’t have a door on her back where the fresh batteries go in.

What this reminds of, more than anything else, is this news story that was going around last year. Researchers digitally combined the photos of thousands of women to produce statistically “average” faces. Even though these pictures were the very definition of “average” they all turned out to be pretty attractive. And why is that? Because we are born to look for symmetry and a lack of quirks in faces… which is something no naturally-occuring face completely has. Statistically shave off all the individuality and you get something like what we are neurologically programmed to think of as “beauty.” That’s fine for a statistical composite, but when you surgically do that to an actual person’s face? There results are kind of… disturbing.

So just remember: you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, but without your imperfections you’d probably be forgettable. And what use is easily-forgotten beauty?

YouTube Preview Image

“If everybody looked the same/We’d get tired of looking at each other.”

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Astrology, Skeptics, And The Tolstoy Effect

posted by Matthew Currie
beliefnet astrology matthew currie magneto

source: flickr.com

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.”

-Carl Sagan

“I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives.”

-Leo Tolstoy


I will be addressing the SOTA Astrology Conference a little over a week from now on the subject of what skeptics get wrong about astrology (and what we as astrologers can do about it). I’ve been reviewing my notes on the matter (CLICK HERE if you didn’t read about my problem with The James Randi Educational Foundation, HERE for the details, and HERE for the challenge they never accepted to defend their own chicanery. It’s a shame that switching to the new Disqus format lost literally hundreds of comments from skeptics, but let me summarize almost all of them: YOU’RE A NUT BECAUSE WE SAY SO. Hey, love you guys too, okay?) and I decided that I might as well come out and tell you my very own story of paranormal weirdness. Sure, I’m a professional astrologer, but that doesn’t mean I’ll believe any crazy old thing that comes along. I once had a sign on my desk that said “I am skeptical about astrology. That’s because I have Saturn in Pisces in the Ninth House.”

But, no matter how rational we want to be or think we are, there’s always that Weird Thing that doesn’t neatly file into how we want to view the world. So, here’s my Weird Thing.


I gave up on being able to wear a watch a long time ago. It’s a common enough phenomenon: you’ve probably heard of the kind of thing before. It’s one of those strange phenomena that nearly everyone has heard of, or is familiar with, and yet nothing (so far as I can tell) has ever been done to dig further into the matter, scientifically. How would you even start?

We are all prone to The Tolstoy Effect. We expect to see things work a certain way, therefore we do see things work a certain way. The most intellectually dishonest skeptic and the most rigorously scientific astrologer have that in common. This doesn’t just apply to what we call “the paranormal” either.

Consider the phenomenon of “spontaneous remission.” Almost no research has been done into it. Logically, it’s easiest to assume that if a diagnosed incurable illness goes away on its own, the diagnosis is wrong. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised if (as one study discovered) only about one in ten cases of spontaneous remission are even reported in the first place. If you were a doctor, would you want to report you might have given a patient a death sentence by accident? It’s best we just be quietly thankful and then change the subject.

And yet lots of medical professionals out there have seen it happen. “The other doctors may have bungled their diagnoses, but not me. I went over the test results repeatedly, and yet…”

In my case, I’ve spent most of my life expecting electronics to fail at a higher rate than they appear to for the average person. Clocks, microwaves, computers, telephones… they all have an unfortunate tendency to not merely break down, but behave erratically around me spontaneously. This is far from an everyday thing with me, but when I am under stress, the phenomenon (string of coincidences?) is dramatically amplified.

As a long-term chronic insomniac, I’ve had the opportunity to have more than one CAT scan and EEG done on myself. If you’ve never had either, let me tell you: they are more uncomfortable than they look on TV. And every time I’ve had one of those tests done, I’ve gotten pretty stressed out. And every time, I get to hear some variation on those magic words: “Um, sorry, we’re having some trouble with the equipment….”

If I was going to blame this on something in my birth chart, I’d blame it on my strongly-aspected natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction. All I can tell you for sure is that when there is a major transit squaring or opposing or conjunct that point in my chart the problem gets worse. At (coincidentally, I’m sure) one point a few years ago when that Uranus-Pluto conjunction of mine was being heavily stressed by transits, my records vanished from the Government’s systems. Darn. If only I had a criminal record to cover up! Inconvenient electromagnetic phenomena have been following me most of my life. It’s only relatively recently that I have reluctantly come to terms with it.

So remember: the next time you think you see a ghost, or a UFO, or have a sudden precognitive flash that something is going to happen (and then it does)… remember: the simplest solution to any given situation is usually the best.

The problem with that, of course, is that sometimes the simplest explanation is just plain crazy. Also: just because you’re crazy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re wrong.

That, and if there really is such a thing as “mutant super-powers”… why couldn’t I have at least gotten a useful one?

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The Age Of Neptune: Cheeseburgers Cause Crime

posted by Matthew Currie

Say what you will about Neptune: it’s certainly persistent.

As much as astrologers like to talk about the Uranus-Pluto square, or Saturn in Scorpio or whatever, we must never forget that we live primarily in the age of Neptune. Neptune is the grandmaster of dreams and delusions. It liberates us from the physical, and it liberates us from common sense. It is the guiding light of both poets and addicts. It is in Pisces now, the Sign that it rules, and is thus incredibly strong. It won’t leave that Sign until next decade, so I suppose we better get used to how it works and how to work with it before we all vanish into its warm and welcoming haze.


There’s this woman in my neighborhood who’s always drunk. I see her on the street at all times of day and night, wandering around, always bombed. She somewhere in her 40s or 50s, and although I’ve talked to her numerous times, I still don’t know her name. I’ve asked her a couple of times, but her enunciation isn’t always the clearest. Mrvdr, I think?

What surprises me about Mrvdr (?) is that no matter what time of day it is, she’s always really drunk, and always exactly the same amount of drunk. If you can imagine someone who died suddenly while very drunk, and was forced to roam about for eternity as an intoxicated ghost, you’re getting a clear picture of what she’s like.

She stumbled towards me this evening, and ask me if I had any change. Actually, her enunciation really is terrible: I’m not sure if it was change she was asking for or something much more lascivious. But I gave her 75 cents and she went away.

But before she left, I gave in to the temptation to ask her: “what keeps you going?”

She blinked a couple of times and wobbled back-and-forth as she processed my question and contemplated the answer. “I just keep on keeping on,” she said. “God’s been good to me and I like people and that’s all right.”

She then asked for more money, and I didn’t have any, so she went away. But she certainly left me with something to think about. If Neptune has a motto, it must be something like “if it feels good, do it… even if it’s ultimately terrible for you.”

You know, like a lot of the stuff people post on Facebook.


Just because we are wise and sane and sober people does not mean we are immune to deception, or self-deception. Case in point: this polished little gym of deception that has been making the rounds on Facebook lately.

beliefnet astrology matthew currie vegan prison

ProjectRaw.com wouldn’t lie, would they?

A few of my friends have posted this, and I was intrigued by the results enough to do some research. And what did I find? I discovered that in our modern age of miracles and wonders, something still apply. One of the old truths that still turns out to be reliable is “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.”

To wit: this website based its findings only on the pronouncements of other websites, none of which happened to cite their sources, which were other vegan web sites that at best relied on the anecdotal evidence of one or two participants in the program.

Also: most of those sites forgot to mention that the same experimental program also offered job training and anger-management classes. I’m sure it was just the lack of cheeseburgers that lead to the 2% recidivism rate. Also: no one cited the source of that “2%” figure. Also, actual recidivism rates in California are only around 45-50%, so shut up.)

The Internet is full of this sort of thing. If you want to believe that Queen Elizabeth II is a drug dealing reptilian alien, then you will find enough people on the Internet who agree with you that you can spend all day reading their blogs. And of course, if everyone you listen to says the same thing, they must be right, right?

I don’t think that people believing what they wants to believe is anything new. We can’t blame that on the Internet. But the Internet certainly makes it easier for us to share our delusions as well, doesn’t it?

Besides… who doesn’t love a good “penguins in sweaters” story every once in a while?

So, as a public service of sorts, on occasion here I will be presenting things like this that show up on Facebook or on Twitter that appear to be absolute nonsense under the heading of “The Neptune Files.” Why am I doing this? Possibly because I believe humans are swimming in a sea of self-imposed illusion and simply don’t realize it, and it’s my job to point that out to them. Neptune is strong in our era, and although Neptune has wonderful uses, like anything else taken too far… it can also be destructive.

Or maybe I’m delusional and no one will listen. Whatever.

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