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Transits Don’t Discriminate: The Astrology Of Donald Sterling

posted by Matthew Currie
beliefnet astrology matthew currie donald sterling

I couldn’t find any copyright-free pictures of Donald Sterling, so here’s a jackass from Wikipedia. Apologies to the jackass.

Donald Sterling is a bad person.

There are a lot of people who will excuse racism by saying something like “well, everyone’s a little racist.” Personally, I don’t think so. But even if everyone is a little bit racist, using that argument to excuse it is pretty inadequate. It’s like saying “well, everyone gets gas once in a while… so let one rip in a crowded elevator, why not?”

You yourself may be a perfectly decent person who occasionally gets the urge to strangle whoever is holding up the line at the cashier in front of you, but that doesn’t give you license to do so. You are free to think and feel whatever you like (I like to think), but acting on some things would just make you a bad person.

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling is a bad person.

Donald Sterling (born April 26, 1934, time unknown, Chicago Illinois) is presumably not stupid. After all, he came from a fairly undistinguished immigrant background, became a lawyer, and eventually accumulated a net worth of just under $2 billion. Something like that takes some brainpower. Nonetheless, as you have noticed through the years, just because you are a good person doesn’t mean you will profit… and sometimes bad people will make a fortune. And, like I said, Donald Sterling is a bad person.

It is entirely possible to get through one’s entire life as a bad person without being caught at it. However, sometimes fate and the planets will conspired to reveal a bad person for what they are, and this is what has happened with Mr. Sterling recently. On April 25th of this year, a recording was revealed of a conversation involving Mr. Sterling in which he sincerely spewed a number of disparaging things about black people in a conversation with his girlfriend, who ironically is part black herself. I won’t going to detail: if you need to know, you can look these things up for yourself elsewhere.

Now, what kind of transits was Donald Sterling having that would make his private ugliness suddenly so public? Setting aside the obvious… Donald Sterling is a bad person… Let’s have a look at the transits the calls all this to go public.

Even without knowing his time of birth we still know that Uranus in the birth chart represents one’s individual will, and individuality. Whatever rules or constraints life has presented you with, Uranus is where you get your urge to kick against them. And as it turns out, the lunar eclipse of April 15th fell very close to Donald’s natal Uranus.

He also has a Mercury – Jupiter opposition in his birth chart, with Mercury at 18° Aries and Jupiter at 16° Libra. Regardless of the sign placements, a Mercury – Jupiter opposition will tend to make a person more then willing to voice their opinions, whatever those opinions may be. And when both those planets are squared by Pluto, a person has an even harder time holding back.

Now, if you are reading this and thinking “hey, the Cardinal Grand Cross is having a major effect on that Mercury – Jupiter opposition,” you be absolutely correct. And if you are reading this and thinking “no wonder Donald Sterling revealed himself to be a bad person by opening his fat yap,” you’d be absolutely correct again.

This is not the first time that Donald Sterling has been publicly revealed to be a racist. In August 2006 the US Justice Department sued for housing discrimination. It was claimed that he wouldn’t rent to no one Koreans in the Koreatown neighborhood, because (according to the lawsuit, Koreans “will live in whatever conditions he gives them and still pay the rent without complaint.” He also wouldn’t rent properties in Beverly Hills to black folks, because “Black tenants smell and attract vermin.”

Yeah, like I said… Donald Sterling is a bad person.

This happened right as transiting Saturn was passing right over his South Node, which is often an indicator that current circumstances are catching up to your past attitudes. Although we don’t know his time of birth, it’s also quite possible that the previous solar eclipse that year was opposite his Moon. Fortunately for Mr. Sterling, the settlement he had to pay out was just a little under $3 million, plus about $5 million in the plaintiffs legal fees. That sort of thing is a drop in the bucket if you are a rich, bad person like Mr. Sterling… but it should have served as a lesson to him.

He was also subject to an employment discrimination case in February 2009, once again a matter based on race. Donald Sterling was not experiencing any particular difficult transits at that time, and the suit was dismissed. It should be noted though that an eclipse that month was very closely squaring his Sun.

For the record: I am now writing this on the day of the solar eclipse in Taurus, which falls close to Donald Sterling’s natal Sun. Tomorrow, the NBA will be holding a press conference at 2 PM Eastern time to make an announcement about its investigation into Mr. Sterling.

Now, the question I have to ask myself is, should I avoid making any pronouncements about the outcome of that press conference for Donald Sterling? Is it possible I’m foreseeing a bad outcome for him just because I think he is a bad person?

Or should I just look at the chart… and observe that the Ascendant for the scheduled press conference time is opposite Donald Sterling’s Saturn, that Donald Sterling is currently going through his Saturn Square, and the transiting Midheaven for that press conference is square Donald’s Nodes… and predict that it is going to be a very, very bad day for Donald Sterling?

YouTube Preview Image

Oh, whom I kidding? Donald Sterling is going to get it, and he deserves it, because Donald Sterling is a bad person.

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Care And Feeding Of The Solar Eclipse In Taurus

posted by Matthew Currie
beliefnet astrology matthew currie taurus eclipse

It’s not a dragon eating the Sun… it’s Cosmic Pac-Man!

First of all: if there’s any residual panic left in you from the transits we’ve had this month, set it aside. It’s pretty obvious you survived that last eclipse, and so it seems likely that your world won’t explode with this one either. With all that Cardinal Grand Cross stuff going on, our lives make be getting more active and intense and… yes, for a few of us… scary, but these times of drama are necessary, and even good for you.

Any New Moon is an excellent time to set out your intentions for the month ahead. An eclipse, though? That carries a lot of promise and boldness with it. This is not something to be feared. This is an opportunity to be exploited.

So: what do you want from your life? What can you change? What do you need to accept? The answers to all of those questions may not be what you expect, but you should probably be asking yourself these things anyway. People like to say that “you create your own reality.” It might be more accurate to say that you can build your own reality. And if what’s needed is for the Universe to throw you a few surprise tools and materials for that, you might just get that in the next few months — especially in the department of your life ruled by the House of your birth chart that 8-9 degrees Taurus falls in (and especially if that House of yours is “above the horizon,” that is, between the 7th and 12th Houses).

And hey… even if 8-9 degrees Taurus doesn’t make any obvious major aspects to any of the point in your chart, there’s still something a little magical about a Solar Eclipse. Why not do a little wizarding with your life?

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A Gentle Reminder From Saturn

posted by Matthew Currie
beliefnet astrology matthew currie saturn COOKIE

Oh, just DEAL with it, already.

To: Matthew Currie, Astrologer

cc: The People Of Planet Earth

From: Saturn

I am writing to correct you on a matter that you have neglected in your writings for some time. Namely: me. This is the sort of situation that can only go one for so long, and be thankful that all you’re getting from me is a sternly worded email, and not another broken ankle like I gave you last time.

You’re welcome.

Normally, my passage through Scorpio would be this sort of thing that would have astrologers everywhere breaking out in a cold sweat, and would see their clients calling with frightened pleas for mercy from the Universe.

This whole Cardinal Grand Cross thing has gotten just a bit out of hand, if you ask me. Not the actual event itself, because (frankly) I love a good crisis. There’s nothing like the challenge of constructing something useful out of a nice pile of rubble. Rather, I refer to all the attention the four planets involved are getting. Yes, the Uranus-Pluto square has certainly made things difficult. Yes, Mars in Libra has been a nuisance. And yes, Jupiter has blown much of it out of proportion for many, as Jupiter is prone to doing.

What you apparently haven’t realized… or at least paid nearly enough attention to, it seems to me… is that ever since October 2012, when you and all the other astrologers started screaming and yelling about the Uranus-Pluto square, I have been quietly working my way through Scorpio, conjunct the natal Neptune of every man woman and child on earth who was born between 1957 and 1968! And by the time I leave Scorpio at the end of this year, I will have trampled the dreams of just about everyone born up until 1979 as well!

Now might be a good time to queue up the maniacal super villain laughter, but that sort of thing simply isn’t my style.

YouTube Preview Image

You see… like everything else I do… ultimately, it’s for your own good. Your Neptune is such a sweet and fuzzy thing, but let’s be honest here kids: without a bit of a backbone it’s worse than useless. Whatever problems the Uranus-Pluto square has generated for you in the last couple of years, deep in your heart you know that spraying some patchouli around and saying your affirmations isn’t enough to make it go away.

So: while everything is falling apart, be practical, be constructive, and be brave. Not only will you survive all this, but if you use your common sense and stay strong, you’ll be able to build a better life for yourself.

Don’t like that? Oh well… sorry. Here’s a puppy, then

beliefnet astrology matthew currie compatibility mercury

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The Cardinal Grand Cross Part 4: Mars — Transits With Teeth

posted by Matthew Currie
beliefnet astrology matthew currie mars transit

Nice doggy!

The only thing that End Of The World predictions have all had in common is that none of them came true. Okay, in all fairness, we don’t know if the dinosaurs had a Nostradamus of their own or not, but the End Of The World clearly has not arrived yet. Although there aren’t any more than the usual number of Apocalypse-mongers out there at the moment, the conditions of the Cardinal Grand Cross tend to make many astrologers, myself included at times, sound like the roof is caving in.

So: let’s pause for a moment and take a breath.

Having said that: Here comes Mars to join in on Cardinal Grand Cross  (If you want to understand how the Jupiter, Uranus, or Pluto elements of the Cardinal Grand Cross might affect you, click HERE, HERE, and HERE). Those transits will all be in place for a couple of months or a couple of years yet depending on which planets were talking about. It’s now however that Mars joins in… and by “now” I mean “this week.”

Mars gives a caffeinated edge to anything it aspects. It may not be the sole cause of the argument you have… but it’s what makes the other guy (or you) cross that line.  Mars can take a bad scene and turn The Suck up to 11.

If the difficult situations in your life are caused by major outer planet transits, then Mars can be like Mookie in Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing: the (perhaps justified) catalyst for disaster. A cast of hundreds on an overheated day can grumble and shove and yell, but all it took was one trash can through the window of Sal’s Pizzeria to turn a bad day into a riot.

Of course, Mars isn’t always a villain. Sometimes, things do need to be broken.  And — perhaps more disturbingly for many of us — sometimes “the villain” isn’t necessarily the bad guy. And sometimes the villain is us.

Mars in Libra has already been making its own variety of trouble for a while now, and this is the week that Mars will have its maximum effect on those other planets. Mars will be adding its edge to the mix until mid-May… and then again in June. The last time Mars hit the degrees it’s passing through now was the tail end of 2013 and the first two weeks of 2014. What was driving you crazy back then? It’s a reasonably good bet that you can expect a return to those issues in one form or another in the next week.

So don’t panic about the peak of the Cardinal Grand Cross this week… but don’t drop your guard either. You’ll survive this next week, sure… but it’s not like that will be the end of the story either. Just think of late 2013-early 2014 as Chapter One… and know that you’re now entering Chapter Two… of a much larger story.

YouTube Preview Image

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