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Blame Mercury Retrograde NOW And Avoid The Rush!

posted by Matthew Currie

Mercury Retrograde is once more approaching, and astrology fans everywhere are warming up their excuses for all things Mercury related — phone calls, e-mails, commerce, short trips, signing contracts, elevators, parsley, farmer’s markets, wi-fi connections — to go wonky. But although Mercury doesn’t actually go retrograde until Saturday, you have my permission to start blaming it now. In fact, you have the Universe’s permission as well: we are now in the Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period.

Mercury goes Retrograde on Saturday. From our position on Earth, that means that Mercury appears to stand still in the sky and go backwards. This happens at 3° Cancer and carries on until July 1, when Mercury will have bumbled all the way back to 24° Gemini. The “Shadow Period” is that stretch of time before and after the retrograde when Mercury (although still going forward) passes through the degrees it will cover during the retrograde. In other words, this retrograde shadow period actually began on about May 23, when Mercury hit 24° Gemini. Although the retrograde ends on July 1, it won’t be out of the shadow until July 16, when Mercury passes by 3° Cancer again.

Mercury rules a lot of important things in your daily life, and having a retrograde to blame your problems on is pretty great. But, honestly? It’s not that bad. A little caution with Mercury-ruled activities is called for, and that includes the “shadow period,” but it doesn’t automatically imply disaster.

How much stock one should put into the traditional warnings about Mercury retrograde is almost a matter of your personality, or what kind of astrology you prefer: Old School or New School. If you’ve read much about astrology, you probably understand the difference between “Old School” and “New School.” Just as societies change but human nature doesn’t, so has our approach to the same astrological factors over the centuries.

A New School astrology interpretation of “Mars in ______ in the ______ house” will read something like “in this incarnation, you will feel challenged to prove yourself in matters of ______ and will have excellent drive with those areas of life.” An Old School astrology interpretation of the same “Mars in ______ in the ______ house” will tell you something like “you are an angry person who gets huge blisters on your _____ and will probably die horribly.”

Put another way: give your birth chart to the most enlightened, New-Agey evolutionary astrologer out there and he/she will be able to accurately tell you (between handfuls of granola) what next month will be like for you, and will do so with considerably accuracy, and the whole thing will sound kind of like this:

YouTube Preview Image

Give the same chart and the same data to an Old School astrologer, steeped in all the ancient techniques and translations, and you’ll still get an accurate interpretation of what’s coming up in the next month, but overall it may come across more like this:

YouTube Preview Image

Personally, I try to keep things as positive and optimistic as possible. But I’ll admit that there are days when calling your flooded basement “a free indoor pool” doesn’t truly capture the essence of the situation.

So: for those of you who enjoy having a reason why your communications and contracts and commerce are all screwing up, Mercury Retrograde is here for you. If you prefer thinking of Mercury Retrograde as a time better suited to meditation than calculation, it can work that way too, and I’ve got some pointers on how to handle this time HERE. But in either case… check your spelling.

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Your Moon Astrology Forecast For June 2014

posted by Matthew Currie

Finally — a practical astrology forecast that EVERYONE can use, regardless of their Sign! Make sure you bookmark this page and come back — it could be the most useful thing I’ve written all month.

Below is a listing for Void Of Course (VOC) Moon times and dates for the month of June 2014 (If you’re unfamiliar with how useful the VOC moon concept is, click here for more information). During the times listed, it is best to avoid starting or finishing any major projects or making important decisions. Make sure you print this off and keep a copy on you at all times while at work.

Knowing when to start or finish projects for maximum effect can give your work that extra edge of competence and can help ensure better results. As you know, in these highly competitive times, you’ve got to take advantage of every little edge you can. Understanding the Void Moon is like having an expert Financial Planner, Personal Coach, and Assistant in your back pocket… without all the added stress and inconvenience of carrying humans around in your pocket. Talk about “stretch pants”! (ha)

There will be some painfully long Voids this month. Specifically: most or all of the day June 1, 3, and 6, plus some lengthy ones throughout the month. Now remember: this is NOT an excuse to play hooky — just a gentle reminder that on those days your best strategy is to work on things that are in progress rather than start or finish anything new. This is particularly true when you consider that Mercury goes retrograde on June 7th… and we all know how much trouble THAT can be. Or, if you DON’T know how much trouble that can be, CLICK HERE to find out.

(Want to know how to best use those Void of Course times? Click HERE!)

Learn how to use the Void of Course Moon to your advantage and make your life a better place! Why waste time? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s your Void Of Course Moon listing for June 2013.

Please note: All times are for time zone 5 hours West. DST is observed. Your mileage may vary.

June  1, 2014    2:32 AM               Moon Conjunct Jupiter V/C
June  1, 2014    9:43 PM                Moon enters Leo
June  3, 2014   10:41 AM               Moon Square Sat V/C
June  4, 2014   10:20 AM                Moon enters Virgo
June  6, 2014    5:13 AM               Moon Sextile Jupiter V/C
June  6, 2014   10:01 PM                Moon enters Libra
June  8, 2014    3:47 PM               Moon Square Jupiter V/C
June  9, 2014    6:38 AM                Moon enters Scorpio
June 10, 2014   10:21 PM               Moon Trine Jupiter V/C
June 11, 2014   11:23 AM                Moon enters Sagittarius
June 13, 2014   12:11 AM               Sun Opposition Moon V/C
June 13, 2014    1:04 PM                Moon enters Capricorn
June 15, 2014    2:35 AM               Moon Opposition Jupiter V/C
June 15, 2014    1:27 PM                Moon enters Aquarius
June 17, 2014    2:07 PM               Moon Trine Mercury V/C
June 17, 2014    2:26 PM                Moon enters Pisces
June 19, 2014    3:05 PM               Moon Square Mercury V/C
June 19, 2014    5:26 PM                Moon enters Aries
June 21, 2014    6:24 PM               Moon Sextile Mercury V/C
June 21, 2014   11:03 PM                Moon enters Taurus
June 23, 2014    9:49 PM               Moon Sextile Jupiter V/C
June 24, 2014    7:05 AM                Moon enters Gemini
June 26, 2014    7:56 AM               Moon Conjunct Mercury V/C
June 26, 2014    5:05 PM                Moon enters Cancer
June 28, 2014    9:02 PM               Moon Conjunct Jupiter V/C
June 29, 2014    4:43 AM                Moon enters Leo

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Your New Moon In Gemini Forecast: Use The Force, Luke

posted by Matthew Currie

YouTube Preview Image

Wednesday’s New Moon in Gemini is, like all New Moons, the beginning of a new cycle. And like all New Moons, it’s yours to take advantage of or not. This one is a little special for two reasons: it features an exact square to Neptune, and a near exact trine to Mars. And since it’s so special, this month I’m not giving you a forecast. Instead, I’m going to tell you what to do.

“Luke, at that speed will you be able to pull out in time?”

The trine to Mars is relatively easy to interpret. It lends energy and ambition to your projects. Since Mars will be passing through the degrees of the Cardinal Grand Cross before the next New Moon, CLICK HERE and re-familiarize yourself with the role Mars is playing in that configuration, and specifically in your life. The hassles you were experiencing around this time last month? They’ll be back in June.

“Artoo, that stabilizer’s broken loose again. See if you can’t lock it down.”

But: that energy can be used to your advantage if you are conscious of it. A New Moon square Neptune, though? That’s where The Crazy comes in. A square between two planets is a powerful connection, especially when it’s exact. But it’s not an easy or comfortable one. Squares are demanding. Squares don’t like to be controlled. And frankly, any square involving Neptune has to be treated as if it may be a bit delusional.

“Hurry Luke, they’re coming in much faster this time, I can’t hold them!”

So I ask you: exactly how well has being rational and realistic gone for you lately?

“Use the force, Luke. Let go.”

Rather than a forecast, I am offering you a meditation… drawn from that powerful mystical text, Star Wars… and a plan of action. Mercury sextile Venus is in full effect today, so your creative powers should be running high. Play along and make your life a better place!

The New Moon is exact on Wednesday at 2:40 PM Eastern, 11:40 AM Pacific. Somewhere in the five or six hours after that… your gut will know when the time is right… take action.

“Luke, you’ve switched off your targeting computer. What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. I’m all right.”

You already know what needs to change in your life, even if you’re having a hard time grasping the details. Even if you don’t think you know what needs to change, there’s some part of you hidden deep in the right hemisphere of your brain that has a good idea what to do, or where to start, somehow.

“I’ve lost Artoo!”

So: let go of all your logical excuses and just do it already. This doesn’t mean you have to solve all of your problems today. But it means that — whatever it is in that mad scampering brain of yours that kept you from taking the action you need to make your life a better place – take some sort of action today. Specifically, take that action somewhere between 2:40 PM Eastern (11:40 AM Pacific) and the end of the day. Plant a seed. Proofread your resume. Write a love letter, even if you don’t know who to send it to yet. Turn left instead of right. Consciously skip at least one cigarette. Light a candle and pray. Deliberately walk an extra block when you don’t really have to. Do it. DO IT.


Do something to point yourself in the direction of that better life you want… no matter how vague your sense of direction may be… and there’s an excellent chance the today’s the day that dream will start to take root in practical form. You’ve got Jupiter and Saturn on your side for the next two months.

“You’re all clear kid! Now let’s blow this thing and go home!”

Yes. A New Moon square Neptune is quite clearly crazy. But just because something is “crazy” doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Crazy things have a life and vitality and power that rational and sensible things just can’t match sometimes. Not sure where to start with changing your life, or what direction to go in? Do SOMETHING different in that golden stretch of time after the New Moon. Light a candle. Sing on a street-corner. Make a prank call. Put your pants in the freezer. Give a stranger five bucks they didn’t ask for, for absolutely no reason. Whatever you choose to do, no matter how clearly nuts, will make perfect sense to the part of your mind that needs to hear the message today.

There is magic in the air today… but you have to make that first step towards it before it can find you.

“Remember: The Force will be with you. Always.”

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The Astrology of Elliot Rodger, And Birth Charts Without Souls

posted by Matthew Currie

elliot rodgerA warning: today’s subject matter is not particularly pleasant. If you’re easily upset by the terrible things that human sometimes do, please feel free to drop by tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a happier day here.


A menu can tell you what’s being served at the restaurant, but can’t tell you if the chef is having a good day or a bad day. The floor plans of the Titanic could tell you which of the state rooms were the largest, but it couldn’t tell you which ones flooded first. A layout of Disneyland can show you where the rides are, but can’t tell you which ones you’ll enjoy the most.

Likewise: the birth chart can show you the perils and potentials of an individual, but it can’t show you their soul. It displays the hand a person is dealt at birth, but it tells us nothing about how well that hand will be played. The menu is not the meal. The map is not the territory.

Above you will find the birth chart for Elliot Rodger, a 22-year-old man who last Saturday night took it upon himself to take seven lives including his own. I’m sorry… “allegedly took those lives.” For legal reasons if nothing else, I should not stand in judgment over a person’s life… even a person who would obviously rain deadly judgment down on others, and who left a long public trail of YouTube videos and web site comments and a “manifesto” telling us exactly where he was coming from.

The natural (if unfortunate) human instinct is to project our judgments on others based on appearances. Many saw Elliot’s YouTube videos after the news broke and thought him to be a spoiled rich kid whose mommy and daddy showered him with material things rather than paying attention to him. According to the 137 page manifesto Elliot wrote shortly before his death, this is not the case. His parents were plenty aware something was wrong with him, and did what they could. Elliot simply refused to co-operate. He exercised his free will and would not play along. As a result of that exercise of free will, the world now has an extra seven corpses that it didn’t have on Saturday afternoon.

The time of birth in the birth chart I’ve supplied is approximate. On page one of his manifesto, Elliot tells us that he was born in the morning. And to most astrologers, it would be a no-brainer to the pick a time of birth that would put Elliott’s Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter all in the 12th House. The 12th house has a great deal to do with both psychic damage and darkness. Of course, the 12th House can be an incredible source of personal strength and spirituality, but in a case like Elliott’s, who can see that?

We can look at Elliott’s birth chart and spot the warning signs. Yes, he had Sun opposite Saturn. This would tend to indicate self-esteem issues. But Lord Louis Mountbatten had the same aspect in his chart. He climbed Mount Everest, he didn’t slaughter strangers. Elliott had a close Venus-Mars conjunction, which often indicate a high sex drive. We know that Elliott’s frustrated sex drive was a major contributing factor to his rampage. Hitler had a Venus-Mars conjunction too. But so does Richard Bach, the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. It’s been a while since I’ve read that book, but I don’t recall any mass murders in it.

Imagine a world where every obstetrician is also a trained astrologer and can predict a date and time of birth months in advance with perfect accuracy. Couldn’t an obstetrician have read Elliott’s mother’s file and warned her that she should give birth on a different continent, or should induce labor early, in order to prevent the birth of a monster? No. The birth chart is like a genetic test for factors related to alcoholism or depression: it shows potentials but not guaranteed results.

We can look at the transits Elliot was having at the time of the shooting, and those tell a story too… but again, without knowledge of the individual, we couldn’t say for sure that this was the birth chart of a person who was going to pick up a gun and work out his personality issues on innocent strangers that evening. The Uranus-Pluto square and Saturn were both playing hell with his chart… as it is doing now with millions of other people who are less homicide-inclined. And yes, as was the case with Michael Jace and his wife recently, Mars in Libra was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


I’ve seen Elliot Rodger’s YouTube videos, and I’ve read his manifesto… all 137 pages of it. Had I not known who he was or why I was reading that manifesto, I would say that for the most part it was a technically competent but ultimately dull piece of writing… perhaps the work of a self-absorbed rich kid who somehow fancied himself to be a 21st-century Californian Marcel Proust. Or maybe it was a stiff piece of fantasy written to help work out some psychological problems, the same way one might write (but not send) a resignation letter for a job you hate but still need. I admit though: the bit about the murderous hate and the planned rampage and the slaughter of innocents and getting revenge on womanhood in general and making a public spectacle of it all at got my attention.


It turns out that human minds… or souls, if you prefer… are a lot more complex than either psychology or genetics or socioeconomics or astrology alone can describe. Elliot Rodger’s birth chart certainly bore the marks of a potential maniac more so than the average birth chart, but that was still no guarantee. Had his parents approached me a few months ago and discussed his case with me, I could certainly have pointed out the very real dangers… but in the end, it was Elliot alone who chose what course to take with his life. You put the Soul into your birth chart; it doesn’t put the Soul into you.

Hindsight always, by definition, has the last word. We all have choice. And usually… that’s a good thing.

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