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Saturn: The Darth Vader Pez Dispenser Of Karma

posted by Matthew Currie
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LJ writes: “I have always wanted to be married, but things have never worked out for me with my love life. I have Saturn in the Seventh House, and I read that this means it’s unlikely to ever happen for me. Is that true?”

We all start learning astrology with Sun Signs and Moon Signs, but it’s when we get to Saturn that we find the real crunchy issues that can make life difficult. It’s one thing to say “You have Sun in ____ and Moon in _____, so your personality is such-and-such,” but it’s another to look at Saturn in the birth chart and by transit and say “Hey, _____ is a real problem, isn’t it, and it got tougher about six months ago, right?”Astrologers love a chart facing Saturn issues the same way a cardiac surgeon loves a clogged aorta.

Although Saturn represents areas of life where you will naturally face impediments, Saturn actually has its rewards. One of the traditional symbols for Saturn is the Grim Reaper. It might be more accurate if we thought of Saturn as that steely-eyed nun in a Catholic school with a metal ruler, waiting to whack your knuckles when you don’t conjugate a verb properly. She’s tough, but if you focus and pay attention you’ll come out of the experience not only a better person, but a better person who understands Latin. Sure, you can question whether or not you really needed to learn Latin in the first place, or whether or not there was perhaps an easier way to do so, but at least you’ve learned it. That, and now you will be able to binge-watch old episodes of HBO’s Rome and get a chuckle out of the obscene graffiti in the background.

Whatever House of your chart Saturn falls in, you can expect some kind of practical limitations and/or psychological problems in that department of your life. Jacqueline Onassis had Saturn in the Second House, which rules money. That certainly doesn’t mean she was broke though — she was born into money, but kept working hard for it and getting more of it anyway.

I have Saturn in the Ninth House. Among other things, the Ninth House rules things like higher education and long-distance travel. True story: thanks to some bungled paperwork, I was unable to attend USC film school as I had planned, and I have also had a lifelong phobia about foreign travel and the paperwork associated with it. Nonetheless, I am now living on the other side of the continent I was born on, and in a different country. And, as it turns out, I have no obvious sense of shot composition anyway.

Saturn has been traditionally considered by astrologers to be a source of fear, like Darth Vader. When I was a kid I love Star Wars and I had a Darth Vader Pez dispenser. You ever have a Pez dispenser? They’re pretty amusing. Lots of people love collecting them. This, despite the fact that the candy it shoots from its neck are unpleasantly chalky little bricks of sugar with little discernible flavor.

Even though I was a fat kid, I never once ran out of Pez candy and thought “Gee, I’ve got to get more of that stuff.” And believe me: I loved candy when I was a kid. Nonetheless… it was still candy.

What I’m trying to say here is this: yes, Saturn represents fears and limitations. But as you mature and face these things in your life, you will also get definite rewards out of your Saturn… even if those rewards occasionally scrape the roof of your mouth.

So fear not, LJ: you’re not doomed to be forever alone. Relationships are usually a struggle at one point or another, and perhaps at times for you more so than the average person. But in time, with the hard-earned wisdom and self-knowledge that Saturn provides you, you will not only make an excellent mate, but find a good one as well. The effort should prove worth it. In time, you too can turn the terrifying dark Lord of the Sith into a friendly candy dispenser.

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Michael Jace: Mars Pulls The Trigger

posted by Matthew Currie

beliefnet astrology matthew currie mars square marsSometimes I come across a case that is an absolute classic of old-school astrology. Modern astrologers, myself included, love to speak of the birth chart as a collection of potentials. They are the essential toolkit that your free will was provided with when you were born. No one wants to be told that “you have X, therefore you will always Y” (unless of course Y is good news). Sometimes though, with the added clarity that hindsight provides, those sorts of conclusions are pretty unavoidable. Such is the case with actor Michael Jace, who on Monday shot his wife to death.

It’s at times like that I stop and recheck my math, because birth charts (like people themselves) are filled with subtleties and nuances, and should never be treated as simple mechanisms prone to simple impulses. Nonetheless: Michael Jace (who starred in The Shield with Michael Chiklis) is now in custody for shooting his wife April to death, and it is an absolutely classic case of Mars — both in the birth chart and by transits — gone terribly wrong.

Michael was born July 13, 1965, time unknown, Paterson New Jersey. Although Mars is the natural first suspect to look at when it comes to a person’s temper, it is hard to ignore his Uranus-Pluto conjunction, opposed by Saturn and squared by Jupiter. Anyone born in 1965 will have a Uranus-Pluto conjunction, and it often makes for strange compulsions and a lack of impulse control in one form or another. With Saturn opposite that conjunction, that impulse control issue can be the Achilles Heel of the personality. Many who were born that year will have Jupiter square to all three of those planets, but obviously that alone doesn’t make everyone born in mid-1965 a homicidal maniac.

As for Michael’s Mars: other than a weak sextile from Mercury and Venus in Leo, his Mars in Libra stands alone. A strongly aspected planet in the birth chart can become a major driving force: if the aspects are mostly smooth, they can both strengthen and add moderation. A number of so-called “bad” aspects can also strengthen the planet, but make its expression less comfortable. A more or less unexpected planet can become a troublemaker though, especially when it is a “debilitated” placement like Mars in Libra. Depending on the rest of the chart, and on circumstances, transits and choices, that planet can either run away with the show or vanish.

Saturn had been pressing on Michael’s Neptune for a while, undoubtedly breathing some chill reality on whatever it was he dreamed for himself. life Transiting Mercury was on his Jupiter, activating the Saturn opposition of Uranus and Pluto… since Mercury is communication, there were undoubtedly words said that provoked his impulses. And then on Monday night, Michael Jace and Mars in Libra pulled the trigger.

We should note that this is not the first time Michael Jace was accused of domestic violence. threats were made and a violent incidents were reported from his first marriage, which broke up in 1997.


April Jace was born May 6, 1974. Even without a time or place of birth, we can see where April’s chart may conflict with Michael’s. Although of course hindsight is 20/20, any astrologer looking at the situation a long time ago would have noticed that April’s Mars is at 9° Cancer. Michael’s Mars is at 7° Libra. A square like that can lend real dynamic energy to a relationship, but ask the first caveman who burned his hand or a resident of Fukushima if “energy” is always a good thing. We refer to couples as having “chemistry,” but not all chemicals are safe: a Mars square between two people’s charts can manifest a number of ways, but violence is often possible.

Transiting Mars lends its potential violence to whatever it aspects in the birth chart. Monday night, as Mars was grinding to a halt and preparing to go forward, it stopped almost exactly on top of Michael’s Mars, and exactly square to April’s Mars. As Mars stood dead still in its path, almost exactly one hour before it turned forward, Michael Jace picked up the phone, called 911, and said “I shot my wife.”


Undoubtedly as events unfold, we will learn that December and January were a difficult time for the couple, as Mars passed through the degrees that squared both their Mars placements. We all have choice as to what actions we take in life, and astrology can never give us a free pass. But a birth chart shows potentials, and at least in this case that potential was obvious, dangerous, and was a tragedy waiting to happen.

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Attack Of The Petty Annoyances From Mars!

posted by Matthew Currie

“Everything happens for a reason.”
-That clerk from the New Age bookstore
“Shut up and give me a refund on this crystal ball. My future stinks!”

After a lengthy retrograde period, Mars is finally turning direct and moving forward through Libra again. Mars in Libra already has a reputation for not being the most comfortable of placements, and having been retrograde for a while hasn’t really helped that much. During the last six months you’ve probably felt some sort of call to action in some department of your life or another, and (at times) have quite possibly felt like there wasn’t enough gas in the tank. Or perhaps at times you felt a good old-fashioned urge to throttle someone or something in your life.

Over the course of the next two and a half months, get ready for that feeling to come back again.

In many ways and for many people, Mars going forward through Libra will be good news. Between now and the last week of July, it will sweep through the last two thirds of that Sign and will form nice, friendly, supportive sextiles and trines to any of your placements in the last two thirds of the Fire and Air signs…. with the added jolt of an opposition to anything you have in Aries. But, hey: good news is no news, am I right? Or, put in ways that Mars understands all too well… “If it bleeds, it leads.”

The last time Mars passed through the degrees of Libra it’s in now was back in December. Was there anything in your life back then that was either particularly aggravated, or perhaps was starting to come together nicely for you? Both Mars and Saturn are affecting the same degrees now that they were late last year. Get ready for a rerun of those conditions in one way or another.

Last December and January, Mars was aspecting Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto… The planets the Cardinal Grand Cross. Whatever annoyances you were facing because of the Cardinal Grand Cross at that time were temporarily magnified. Get ready for one more kick at that particular can in June, as Mars makes the final pass to opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto.

Although everyone will be feeling Mars in one form or another, some age groups will be getting it more distinctly. In my last blog entry, I had particularly heartening news for those of you born from 1962 to 1970 or 1991-1996. It was all about the potential sweetness and light to be had while Jupiter and Saturn do marvelously creative things for your Neptune. Mars, though? That’s a different story. If you were born between mid-1946 to late 1956, Mars has passed over your Neptune somewhere in the last six months, causing at least some temporary annoyances when it comes to that better life you dream of for yourself. Between now and late July, Mars will do that again. Same thing if you were born between late 1987 to the start of 1998, except instead of the conjunction, you’re getting a square… which is even more annoying than the conjunction.

Of course, no transit — whether helpful or difficult — lasts forever. Mars leaves Libra the last week of July, when it will finally enter Scorpio.

And hey… what could go wrong with THAT?

YouTube Preview Image

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Born 1962-67 or 1991-96? Bellow Your Stupid Childish Tune!

posted by Matthew Currie

Ludwig van Beethoven was already well on his way to being deaf as a post in 1817 when he received the commission to start the work, and for whatever reason, he didn’t even roll up his sleeves and get busy with it until the fall of 1822. Much of it wasn’t even truly original work. Ludwig lifted an idea from his own Choral Fantasy (Opus 80) written in 1808. The lyrics came from Friedrich Schiller’s poetry… a piece that other composers had already been setting to music for over thirty years by that point. So really, it’s not like Beethoven really had anything new to say, was it?

Despite it all, in late 1822 transiting Jupiter was square Ludwig van Beethoven’s Neptune, and transiting Saturn was beginning the trine to his Neptune. Throughout the next year, Jupiter moved from the square to the sextile of Ludwig’s Neptune, and Saturn was still forming the trine.

“He does no work. All he does is scribble incomprehensible phrases. Then he bellows this stupid, childish tune at the top of his lungs… dadadada NAnanana, nanananaNAA na… He says this is the motif of a grand symphony. I think it’s ridiculous.”
-Immortal Beloved

But: something amazing can happen if you are lucky enough to have been born at a time when, at some point in your life, both transiting Jupiter and Saturn are doing good things for your Neptune.

Hey — you know that project Beethoven had been sitting on for years? That thing he’d avoided for so long… what with all the health problems and the deafness and the lack of money for his live performances taking up so much of his time and attention… he could have been forgiven for forgetting about it completely? The one he didn’t get rolling on until he was starting to get old and sick and was stone deaf?

It turns out it was the greatest piece of music ever composed.

Now: click on “play” below and read the rest of what I have to say to you.


YouTube Preview Image


I know, I know… it hasn’t always been easy lately. Yes: there’s a Uranus-Pluto square that’s been going on for far too long. And sure, the other transits and eclipses and whatnot have likely been blocking your moves for a while now. It’s not easy following your Dream when you’ve got bills to pay and invoices to file and laundry to do. Maybe you got tired. Maybe you got discouraged. But that’s okay… you can’t have lost Hope unless you had some in the first place, and if you leave the door open for it, Hope has this strange way of wandering back in when you least expected it to. But you have to remember to leave that door open.

O Freunde, nicht diese Töne! Sondern lasst uns angenehmere anstimmen, und freudenvollere. Freude!

(Oh friends, not these sounds! Let us instead strike up more pleasing and more joyful ones. Joy!)


Whatever your Neptune has left bubbling away in the deep background of your heart and your head for a while now is still there. Want to start a business? Plant a garden? Have a baby? Write a novel? Start a relationship? Learn the violin? Open a lemonade stand? I don’t know. Your individual details are yours, and your mileage may vary. Somewhere out there, before you were even born, someone had started businesses and planted and had babies and written novels and started relationships and learned the violin and opened lemonade stands… and maybe your results won’t be any better. Or maybe they will.

But now is he time to start finding out.

If you born between 1962 and 1967, transiting Jupiter is trine your Neptune and Saturn is conjunct your Neptune. If you were born between 1991 and 1996, transiting Jupiter is opposite your Neptune, and transiting Saturn is sextile it. Good Fortune feeds your Dream now, and Reality is providing the contractions, trying to squeeze that Dream out head-first into an unfamiliar world that is larger and more wonderful than you could have imagined.

Now is the time to scribble your incomprehensible phrases. Now is the time to “bellow your stupid, childish tune.” Breathe through it. Believe it. DO it. If I can do it, then so can you.

Something amazing awaits on the other side of it all.

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