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An Open Letter From Venus About That Mess Of A Love Life Of Yours

posted by Matthew Currie
beliefnet astrology matthew currie venus

“Okay, the butt’s better, but now I don’t like the cheekbones. Let’s try the Titian again…”

My Lovelies:

I thought I’d drop you a friendly line about my numerous concerns for your well-being — not that I am overwhelmed with worries, sweeties, because worrying too much is The Moon’s job.  As you know, I’m retrograde right now, so you may have noticed the old flames cropping up a bit more, and your thoughts and concerns and regrets about your love life may be bothering you a bit more than usual. That will be settling down soon, though: I’m approaching the station and will be going forward at the end of the month. That is, of course… unless you don’t do something about it.

This would be so much more comfortable for us if it weren’t for Jupiter and Pluto. Being conjunct Pluto isn’t the most comfortable place for anyone (let alone ME!) to be, but it can certainly be therapeutic. Pluto gives us a chance to make revolutionary changes when they’re needed, gives us the strength to endure the unendurable, and generally toughens things up. And let’s be honest with ourselves, Darlings: I’m good at my job, but “toughening up” is NOT my job. So, special thanks to Pluto. You’re a dear, even if you are “The Lord Of The Underworld.”

As for my dear friend Jupiter? Normally when we get together we have a wonderful time. But when we’re opposed like this, it’s like between the two of us we’ve emptied the buffet table of emotions, yet everyone walks away feeling empty. And believe me… Jupiter in Cancer knows how to work a buffet table.

You all have some really unique and wonderful opportunities ahead of you in the next few days when it comes to your love lives. If you’ve been moping over a lost relationship, now is the time you should be able to figure out how to either get it back, or to get rid of it for good, or to just get over it or past it somehow. Which course of action you take is up to you, of course.

But please, darlings… get off your butt and do something about that love life of yours. The time is right, and it’s much more up to you than it is to me. I can’t help you all by myself… I’m much too busy with lying around looking good all day long.


PS: Speaking of old flames cropping up… Mars, I know you’re in “the relationship Sign” now, but if you don’t stop calling me all night long I’m going to have to get a restraining order. Cut it out!


Just in time for Valentine’s… the Astrology Love Life Repair Workshop! Details HERE…

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Ask An Astrologer: Winning The Lottery

posted by Matthew Currie
beliefnet matthew currie astrology win the lottery

It’s THAT easy!


CR asks: Can you pick a time and date for me so I win at the lottery?

Answer: Yes, and the answer is “nope.” A better question might be “can you tell me a time when I’m more likely to win the lottery?“… in which case, the answer would be “yes, absolutely, but so what?

Let me explain. Astrology is able to predict a lot of things in advance, including times of both “good fortune” (in the “life is good” sense) and “good fortune” (in the “more likely to win the lottery” sense). Armed with the correct knowledge of astrological techniques and your date, time and place of birth, an astrologer could in fact significantly improve your odds of winning at the lottery. I’ve done some digging into this myself, and so have others, with some very interesting results that tend to back that very contention.

In part, it boils down to the placement of Jupiter and Uranus in your birth chart. Jupiter is generally considered to be the planet that rules “luck,” and Uranus is the ruler of “freaky circumstances.” Furthermore, the location of Uranus at the time of the win is important. So, right there we know that the probability of any one birth chart (that is, person) winning at the lottery is pretty slim. Second, one must wait for the right time to play.

But: here’s the real problem. A typical lottery ticket has about a one in fourteen million chance of winning. Yes, if you buy a hundred lottery tickets, your odds are much better… but still not very good. Think of it this way: the average healthy adult breathes about 12 times per minute, which works out to 17,2780 breaths per day. If you bought a lottery ticket every time you inhale, it would take you about 27 months to buy 14 million lottery tickets… 13,983,816 to get every possible combination for a 6 numbers from 1 to 49 lottery. Because lotteries are run by people who have studied the Dark Art of Mathematics, that lottery is likely to have a prize significantly smaller than the nearly fourteen million bucks you spent on the tickets. Either that or (more likely) the prize will be a function of the total money spent by both you and other players, so you’ll likely end up splitting the prize with someone else who picked the right combination too… and that prize money will partly be your own money you spent on the tickets in the first place.

Let’s say that an astrologer can improve your chances of winning tenfold… which I for one don’t think is at all unreasonable. It’s certainly better than the odds of getting The James Randi Educational Foundation to accept the Ten Dollar Challenge to defend their phony-baloney anti-astrology e-book (prove me wrong JREF!). But it’s still not really good enough.

Put another way: lots of casinos have gone out of business because of mismanagement (I’m looking at you, Donald Trump), but how many have ever gone out of business simply because they paid out too much in prize money? And come to think of it, with the very Laws Of Probability on your side, how the heck do you bankrupt a casino anyway? Clearly there are still many mysteries to how the Universe operates, like the mechanism by which astrology works… or the fact that Donald Trump has a reputation for being a business genius. Go figure.

So, sure: if you’ve worked out your transits properly, and you’ve got the cash to spare, go ahead and buy a lottery ticket if you like. Doing the math in advance will improve you chances of winning, but really… doing the math in advance should keep you from hoping for too much from it in the first place.

However,  if what you want is help and timing for your love life, advice about handling your mate or career guidance or advice about your education or health or home… those are things I can help you with, gladly.

PS: Your Lucky Numbers today are: √-1, π, and 23.


Questions about your birth chart, or astrology in general? Write me… I’ve got answers!


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Full Moon On Valentine’s Day: Your Emergency Preparedness Guide

posted by Matthew Currie

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThere will be a Full Moon this Valentine’s Day. In order to prepare you properly I am writing this angry, disappointed rant now so that you may practice your own dismay well in advance. Don’t get me wrong: I love Love, but let’s be honest here… Valentine’s Day comes pre-loaded for emotional disappointment unlike any other day of the year.

At time of year the Internet becomes littered with various articles along the lines of “Valentine’s Presents By Sun Sign” (NEWSFLASH: Scorpios like sex!). I, however, will not lead you astray with sweet lies about how getting a pedicure for a Pisces or an overpriced meal for a Taurus or whatever will make your Valentine’s Day a roaring success, sure to smooth over all the ills of your relationship.  This is Astrology For Life In The Real World, people… not another cable TV re-run of Pretty Woman.

It’s become fashionable to be cynical about Valentine’s Day. We learned a couple of decades ago to be cynical about Christmas, but even though that holiday has completely swallowed North America’s December, it was still largely limited to at least the nominally-Christian population. Although Valentine’s Day is technically “Saint Valentine’s Day,” the more universal nature of Romantic Love means it can gain footholds in homes and markets that even Santa can’t break into.

I’ve taught an online class before called “Love Life Repair Workshop,” and I’ll be doing it again this Valentine’s Day, because I suspect the demand will be there this year. Astrologically, the conditions will be reasonably good for things going wrong on Valentine’s Day this year.

First of all, Full Moons are always a bit of a red flag for emotional flare-ups, and not usually the passionate kind of flare-ups we are told to enjoy with That Special Someone.
It doesn’t help that whenever the Sun is in Aquarius, the Full Moon is in Leo. Moon in Leo doesn’t have a reputation for being the calmest and most orderly of  influences on the emotions.  That, and in general Aquarians (bless ‘em all) have a reputation for being good at a lot of things, but “sweet and mushy” isn’t one of them. Having Valentine’s Day during Aquarius Season is a bit like slapping an “I Love My Kid!” bumper sticker on someone’s forehead while their child is throwing a tantrum in the mall: even if you approve of the sentiment, the timing is terrible.

Complicating matters this year is Jupiter opposite Pluto, which is only going to boost the urge to overspend. That would be okay if the opposition hadn’t already been in full effect for the entire month, and if by the 14th you aren’t completely broke, you’re likely a millionaire — and you should contact me as soon as possible for a consultation, by the way.  Furthermore, things are complicated by Mars in late Libra. Libra, as well all know, is “The Relationship Sign,” which is why all Libras everywhere are always in a relationship, are always good at it, and are always completely fulfilled by their love lives.

(Pause for laughter)

Okay, seriously: transiting Mars in Libra is not much help at all when it comes to relationships, and Mars aspecting the Sun and Moon during this Full Moon is likely to just fuel resentments. And Venus conjunct Pluto will just tend to deepen the mood, whatever it may be.

So:  how can you handle this without maximum trauma?

If there’s nothing much going on in your love life, fear not. There is always hope, and having that One Day Of The Year that rubs it in your face won’t change that at all. If you are in a relationship, remember The Golden Rule: under-promise, over-perform. Let your loved one know well in advance that this Valentine’s Day is astrologically pre-wired for disappointment. Mail them a copy of this article, or if you’re really brave, stick it on his or her Facebook page.

Then, no matter how things go for you on the 14th, beg for forgiveness anyway, just to be safe.


Questions about your birth chart, or astrology in general? Write me… I’ve got answers!


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Justin Bieber And Neptune: The Astrology Of Sizzurp

posted by Matthew Currie

 (DISCLAIMER: I am just as suspicious as you are of anyone my age who has given more than two minutes worth of thought to Justin Bieber — but hear me out.)
beliefnet astrology justin bieberNormally I’m an optimist. I’ve seen enough bad times come and go in my life and in the life of my clients to know that the Worst Case Scenario rarely happens, and even if it does, one can usually adapt. It’s not even optimism, really… it’s more like “playing the odds.”

It is incredibly easy for any of us to project what we want or expect to see onto the life of a public figure, especially one who is famous and yet whom we have nothing personally invested in. This is perhaps how artists sometimes go from star to superstar.  A lot of people were big fans of Madonna or George Clooney or Britney Spears in the early days of their careers, and when they reached that magical tipping point where (even if you had never been exposed to their work) you could be considered “out of it” if you hadn’t heard of them… or if you didn’t even have an opinion about them. Like many of you out there, I’m not a “fan” of Justin Bieber, but I’ve certainly heard of him. And like many of you who like to remain “in the loop” about celebrity gossip — that terrible vice than none should admit to indulging in, yet so many of us do — I’ve heard plenty about Bieber lately.

Astrologically, things like “glamor” and “worship” and “drug abuse” and “delusion” are all ruled by Neptune, and recently Justin Bieber (born March 1 1994, 12:56 AM, London, Ontario, Canada) has partaken of a full measure of Neptune’s potentially deadly magic in the last year.

Let us not overly concern ourselves with the fact that he is a Pisces. Yes, it’s true that Pisces has a reputation for escapism, whether through drugs or alcohol or spirituality or simply tuning the rest of the real world out — that’s not the issue here. Nor do I think we should simply dismiss any bad or potentially self-destructive behavior on Justin’s part simply because he’s not quite twenty years old yet. I know I did plenty of things when I was nineteen, and I was fortunate enough not to be famous enough for the world to notice. You probably did too, and you survived your final teen year just fine.

But: the last time Neptune was exactly on top of Justin’s Saturn, he was loudly booed by fans for beginning a performance nearly two hours late. Since then, the downward slide towards Child Star Gone Wrong Territory has only accelerated. Now there are rumors of pot and drunkenness and of an enthusiasm for Purple Drank, or Sizzurp — a mix of soda and codeine. Having said all that: it appears Justin Bieber is likely to be sliding a little further from his former squeaky-clean image in the next year. Neptune will be conjunct his natal Saturn all year long, which is a transit that could disrupt anyone’s sense of order — Saturn being the planet that rules structure and “being sensible” in general. And in his Solar Return chart — essentially, a forecast of what the year after his birthday will be like — the Sun, Moon, and Neptune are all conjunct. Making things potentially far worse: Mars and Saturn in the Solar Return chart are almost unaspected, which is an indicator of his worst impulses possibly running wild, with little restraint.

I don’t think it’s an astrologer’s job to play Prophet Of Doom, but you heard it here first: the next year of Justin Bieber’s life is going to be more and more of a decline unless he really makes a huge effort to straighten out.

So, yeah, long story short: Justin Bieber, call your astrologer. You need a stern warning. You may be the world’s biggest star, but no one is so big that they can’t be undone by themselves.

Questions about your birth chart, or astrology in general? Write me… I’ve got answers!


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