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As any astrologer can tell you, Neptune is the planet most associated with delusion and self-deception. Furthermore, a planet is particularly strong when it is in the Sign that it rules. So it’s perhaps no surprise that Neptune in Pisces […]

Today, transiting Mars is exactly conjunct my natal Mercury. This is often a time when one gets irrational and starts arguing with people over things that normally wouldn’t be provocative, or that you could ignore. Thus, I sat down to […]

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Matthew Currie will not be writing this blog today, as he is currently in court awaiting charges relating to a drunken brawl with a quincunx. In his place, we present a Special Guest Astrologer whose comments we retrieved […]

(Part one is HERE.) I first worked on a Psychic 900 line in the early 1990s, during the heyday of Miss Cleo. I was fortunate to have worked for two companies where the employees had genuine talent. Yes, there were […]

Hey, remember when the Mayan Calendar ran out in December 2012 and the world ended? Or when that whole Blood Moon thing happened in 2014-2015 and the world ended? Or how about when the Y2K bug hit, and the world […]

I seem to recall hearing during my medical education (which I gained entirely from watching TV) that there is a common phenomenon among med students, where at one point or another almost all of them become convinced they have some […]

Astrology, like any decent science or philosophy, answers a lot of questions and raises new ones. Yesterday’s mass shooting in San Bernardo has me asking even more new questions. As was the case with the rioting in Ferguson Missouri, we […]

Astrology is all about the patterns. Large patterns and small ones, news events and personal tales. Somehow it all works together and it all resonates. Did you finish your milk and cookies and brush your teeth? Good. Let me tuck […]

LAST TIME ON THIS BLOG: Your friendly neighborhood astrologer Matthew Currie was griping at length about New Age practitioners who tack “astrologer” onto their job description without really knowing much astrology, when he was suddenly struck on the head by […]

It was recently pointed out to me that I am a part of something called “The New Age community.” This knowledge took me some time to process. it’s like being told that your neighborhood is technically Chinatown or Little Italy […]

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