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Once again, Mercury has turned retrograde and stays that way until September 21st, causing widespread panic and confusion among the easily panicked and confused. I have assembled some helpful information that will nurse you through these dark days. You’re welcome. […]

Mercury is now retrograde, bringing with it cluttered thinking and a tendency to grasp at the wrong solution to difficult issues (if you aren’t familiar with the concept, click HERE and HERE for all the details). This is a time […]

It’s kind of a cliche, but still true:  the key to a successful relationship is communication. And it’s interesting to notice that Mercury, the planet most associated with communications in astrology, is also the most gender-neutral of the planets. Ancient […]

(Editor’s note: Matthew Currie isn’t available today due to a non-scheduled solar eclipse. In his place we present a brief note from the planet Mercury, which recently finds itself in the sign of Cancer. We apologize for the interruption, and […]

Mercury is sort of the Rodney Dangerfield of the Solar System: it gets no respect. In astrology Mercury rules all sorts of things that you couldn’t get by without, like thought and language and logic and respiration. You’d think something […]

(Are you prepared for the craziness of this week’s Full Moon? Click HERE for the forecast!) Mercury retrograde periods are notorious for mis-communications of all kinds. As an astrologer, I constantly finding myself doing two conflicting things about Mercury retrograde: […]