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Libras have a reputation for being generally pleasant, and for wanting to make their environments and the people in them as comfortable and/or “pretty” as possible. There is a certain amount of truth to that, but never forget that Libras […]

(Virgo appreciates precision work, so if you have your heart set on seducing one you’d better do your homework and not skip any details. That means you should CLICK HERE and start by reading the introduction to this series.) Virgo […]

(Before you raise the curtain on your planned drama with the Leo of your choice, CLICK HERE and read the Introduction to this series) Leos usually come across as a lot of fun, and who can blame you for wanting […]

(Wait! Proceed with caution! Cancer is sensitive territory! Follow all safety procedures carefully, starting with a CLICK HERE for the introduction to this series) What’s not to love about a Cancer? That sweet and sensitive nature, backed by a spine […]

(Before you go off and start that romantic conversation with your Gemini of choice, CLICK HERE read the introduction to this series) So you’ve decided to take on the charms and wit of a Gemini. Good for you! They’re a […]

(Before you decide to storm into the Taurus bullpen of love, CLICK HERE to read the introduction to the series) Pretty much everyone loves love, and it’s no surprise the Taurus – being ruled by Venus, the goddess of love […]

(Hey! before you go charging in without looking (Aries-style), CLICK HERE for the introduction to this series, and a guide on how best to use it.) So: you’ve decided to seduce an Aries. It’s easy enough to get initial attention […]

I admit it: I love you guys (in a pure and noble way, of course). I want to see you happy and well with fulfilling love lives. That’s why over the course of the next twelve blog entries I’m going […]

In Part One of this series (click HERE to read that first if you haven’t already) we had a look at the birth chart of TJ, who appears to be a real catch as far as a potential mate, but […]

Before I can move on with Part Two of Finding Love With Astrology (if you missed it, Part One is HERE), something needs to be said. Venus and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces now, and in some ways that makes […]