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(Click HERE for the Introduction to the “How To Think With Your Venus” series.) Oh, Love: so rare, so precious, so damned annoying… at least (potentially) from the perspective of  Venus in Gemini and Venus in Cancer. Venus in Gemini […]

(Click HERE for the Introduction to the “How To Think With Your Venus” series.) For thousands of years poets and philosophers have commented on the complexities of the human heart and how difficult it can be to find True Love […]

Imagine for a moment you’re an astrologer seated in front of your new clients… a couple who have just recently gotten together, and are still starry-eyed for each other. They want to know if their birth charts have what it […]

Most people like having a good relationship, but everyone loves numbered lists on the Internet. We are now in the throes of a Full Moon, so I’ve decided to contribute this blog entry, that can help you and your partner […]

And now, the concluding portion of my three-part entry on astrology, compatibility and attraction… specifically, the factors that aren’t so immediately obvious. Part One is HERE and Part Two is HERE, if you missed them. There are two important and […]

Last time, I talked about antiscia — the hidden compatibility one sometimes finds between seemingly “incompatible” Signs. This time around: more things that can make an “odd couple” work. *** There are some peculiar astrological combos that end up working […]

Have you ever noticed how humans are usually a little more complex than the textbook said they should be? That’s as true from an astrological perspective as it is from any other viewpoint. When you put two humans together in […]

The issue of relationships come up a lot in my line of work. Astrologers have been looking at the dynamics of how people relate to each other — and have even put together many arranged marriages — for centuries now. […]

Last time, I covered the basics of what one looks at in the birth chart as far as potential for marriage or long-term relationships. This time, we get into the heavy duty technical details of one specific relationship facing difficult […]

GN writes: Is the present marriage that I am in likely to end, when, under what circumstances, and will there be another for me, and when? Your question is a particularly complicated one to answer, but very typical of what […]