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Feel like doing a little Fishing, do you? Who could blame you? There is something incredibly sweet and soulful and nice and cuddly and inherently lovable about your average Pisces. They are sensitive and caring and can make a wonderful […]

Who doesn’t love the appeal of the “strange visitor from another world” that is Aquarius? These people tend to have a peculiar sort of glamour to them, even when they’re not trying to be that way. Admittedly, though, they can […]

Capricorn has a reputation for being firmly in control of themselves and, as much as possible, their resources. This Sign is usually more associated with bosses and banking than with sex and seduction, but there can be something undeniably sexy […]

Ready for an adventure? Then why not try to strap a saddle on a Sagittarius? They have a reputation for being fun and freewheeling and, frankly, to be easier to catch than to keep. Sometimes it’s a matter of getting […]

Yes, it’s absolutely true: Scorpio has the reputation for being more about the sex than any other Sign of the Zodiac. Is that a fair characterization, when the other eleven Signs seems pretty fond of it too? Maybe not. But […]

Libras have a reputation for being generally nice and pleasant, and for wanting to make their environments and the people in them as comfortable and/or “pretty” as possible. There is a certain amount of truth to that, but never forget […]

Virgo appreciates precision work, so if you have your heart set on seducing one you better do your homework and not skip any details. That means you should start by reading the introduction to this series, which is HERE. Virgo […]

Before you raise the curtain on your planned drama with the Leo of your choice, go here and read the Introduction to this series (CLICK HERE for it). Leos usually come across as a lot of fun, and who can […]

Wait! Proceed with caution! Cancer is sensitive territory! Follow all safety procedures carefully, starting with the introduction to this series — CLICK HERE for details! What’s not to love about a Cancer? That sweet and sensitive nature, backed b a […]

Before you go off and start that romantic conversation with your Gemini of choice, read the introduction to this series: CLICK HERE for it. So: you’ve decided to take on the charms and wit of a Gemini. Good for you! […]