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Once upon a time Goldilocks (who is a Pisces) went to Speed Dating… sponsored by the National Oat Growers Association, so naturally porridge was involved. She sat down at the big, long table and prepared to receive her potential suitors. […]

Dear Aquarius: As you may have noticed, I’ve been doing a series on how the Signs perform in their relationships with other signs. People seem to like this sort of thing, and admittedly relationship issues are the one thing I […]

I generally really like Capricorns. I do! But even I have to admit that one of the driving forces for a Capricorn is to get and maintain a sense of control. That’s not necessarily a bad thing — none of […]

Sagittariuses are always being accused of treating their love lives as if they were a sporting event, rather than like love lives. And why not? There’s anticipation, competition, and… more often than not… someone loses. So in that spirit, here’s […]

There’s a mystery to be uncovered here. A blow to the heart… an intense, passionate experience causing shortness of breath, rapid irregular heartbeat, and a flood of endorphins throughout the nervous system, clouding judgement. Although it’s enticing, you can sense […]

INITIAL CONDITIONS: Humans are driven by biosocial factors to engage in pair-bonding. Further, the efficiency of each bond (“compatibility”) is variable with each individual involved, in part due to personality-based initial conditions (“Sun Sign”). Virgo attempts to place this within […]

Welcome to the twelve-screen multiplex of Love! Today we’re going to see if we can successfully hook our friend Leo up with the man/woman/movie of his/her/its dreams. And if you’re a true movie fan, you know that the right review […]

Welcome back to the exciting final round of “Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?” Today’s contestant, Gemini, is on the verge of walking away with the Grand Prize… true love! Now Gemini, all you have to do is answer […]

As much as a cliche as it might be, I still find that when an Aries approaches me about their love life, the question may be “Is so-and-so my soul mate?” or “Should I continue to pursue whatshisface?”… but the […]

(Click HERE for the Introduction to the “How To Think With Your Venus” series.) Oh, Love: so rare, so precious, so damned annoying… at least (potentially) from the perspective of  Venus in Gemini and Venus in Cancer. Venus in Gemini […]