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Sure enough, it happens every time: even though Eclipses hit about four to six times per year, some fans of astrology always end up in a bit of a panic about the next one which comes along. February 15th brings […]

(For more about how one can get too carried away about Eclipses, CLICK HERE for my article about the Four Blood Moons prophesy, when the world ended in 2015. You remember when that happened, right?) There is a Lunar Eclipse […]

NEW RULE: I’ve said before that with an Eclipse, one must “expect the unexpected” (see my notes on the Oscar Eclipse HERE). From now on, the general interpretation rule is “expect the unexpected, but not necessarily the kind of unexpected […]

Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Would you like more tea? Okay. Have you tried the lemon slices? They were made fresh this morning. Excellent. Now that you are all nice and relaxed, it’s time to talk about the September 1st […]

Astrology can predict the future, but it’s not easy. Not only can a birth chart sometimes be difficult to interpret, but the transits are no piece of cake either. Think of the worst day of your life, whenever that may […]

In Part One (which you can read HERE) I discussed something of the nature of Pisces and more specifically the nature of Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse in Pisces. An Eclipse is a difficult, slippery creature to grasp in terms of its […]

There’s a Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, occurring at 19 degrees Pisces. People tend to get a little worked up about Eclipses, and normally I find myself calming people down about their potential effects. This Solar Eclipse is pretty charged up […]

Full disclosure: by popular culture standards, I’m an old guy. Like old guys everywhere, I tend to look down my nose at whatever music is popular with teenagers these days. In all fairness though, I always have, even when I […]

People, please: settle down. Now is not the time to get all panicky over the title of a blog entry… unless of course you happen to be a fan of that 12 COMMON HOUSEHOLD ITEMS THE GOVERNMENT WON’T TELL YOU […]

October features two Eclipses: a Lunar Eclipse on the 8th in Aries and Libra, and another on the 23rd at the beginning of Scorpio. Astrologers and students of astrology often get worked up into a panic about Eclipses, but that […]