Oh My Stars

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He also predicted that yes, you WOULD end up here reading this.

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(This story originally appeared in my e-book, “Twelve Signs Of Love.”) Aquarius doesn’t exactly have the reputation for being the most romantic of signs. Valentine’s Day itself is an Aquarius, and look at how often that occasion seems to fall […]

Actress Mary Tyler Moore has died at the age of 80. If you’ve read much about her by now, you’ll have seen plenty of things about how the Dick Van Dyke show was (and still is) an absolute classic of […]

Good news, science fans! There will be a nova in 2022 that will help us all learn more about the Universe! Bad news, astrology fans! There will be a whole bunch of nonsense coming your way about it in the […]

Last time I talked about the birth chart of Colo, the first gorilla born in captivity (CLICK HERE if you missed it). There are number of interesting features there that reflect the circumstances of Colo’s life. But: if astrology claims […]

Colo, the first gorilla born in captivity, has died at the ripe old age (for a gorilla) of 60. She was born December 22, 1956 at around 6 AM at the zoo in Columbus, Ohio.* Colo’s birth chart shows us […]

Once again, the time approaches when many of us make predictions, and are equally annoyed by the results whether we’re right or wrong: The Academy Awards. This year’s ceremony begins at 5:30 PM on February 26th this year, in Los […]

LAST TIME (click here if you didn’t see it): I took a look at the “birth chart” (or rather, the chart of the first publication date) for everyone’s favorite example of how childhood trauma plus relentless dedication plus huge wealth […]

Personality-based astrology drives me a little nuts. Yes, it’s a large part of the appeal of astrology, but like any stereotyping, it has its limits. Aquariuses really do tend to be a little odd, and Scorpios do seem to have […]

“Sing, O muse, of the rage of Achilles, son of Peleus, that brought countless ills upon the Achaeans.” -Homer, The Iliad On Friday, there was a shooting at the airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Five were killed and at least […]

There are a lot of business books out there telling you how to develop your leadership skills and how to help your underlings work more efficiently as a team. Sure, that’s great, but most people will admit that there also […]