Oh My Stars

Matthew Currie is an astrologer, counselor and writer with over 20 years of experience and numerous appearances on television, radio and podcasts. He is the author of "Conquer The Universe With Astrology," (available on Amazon) and is available for private consultations at or send him an e-mail. Matthew likes hearing from you.

He also predicted that yes, you WOULD end up here reading this.

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(Those of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while know that I have occasionally run a feature called “Ask An Astrologer.” Today, I swear, I am answering a real question from a real person. Really.) BD writes: My […]

A large number of the readings that I do for people involve the state of their love lives. Many of those people don’t currently have a “love life” at all. I particularly like doing readings for people in that position, […]

I’ve recently written a couple of blog entries about how in the last year or two there has been an explosion of “empty calories” astrology articles on the Internet. If you will all kindly forgive me one more trip into […]

It’s time to set the record straight about one of the most maligned placements in the Zodiac: Venus in Scorpio. Traditionally, Venus in Scorpio is considered a debilitated placement because it is the opposite of one of the two Signs […]

There is a certain tendency among astrology fans to assume that, once a planet’s retrograde period is over, everything associated with that planet is going to be totally awesome. But if you’ve ever successfully completed and sent an email without […]

(CLICK HERE for the month’s major aspects!) Here’s the most important astrological forecast of the month. Really? Yes! Why? Knowing when the Moon Void of Course is happening is probably the handiest of all the common astrological techniques. Learn it, […]

A typical horoscope lays out what you can expect for yourself in the next week or month based on your Sun Sign. That sort of thing is great, sure… especially if you happen to be the only person on your […]

I recently wrote a blog entry about the current condition Mars finds itself in, and I now realize that I skipped over something I should have warned you more clearly about: not only is Mars in a particularly precarious position […]

The Internet tells us that astrology is now really big with Millennials (and the Internet is never wrong about anything, is it?). On the one hand, this is good news for astrologers and astrology in general. Who doesn’t love being […]

In my previous blog entry, I teased a future series about the Twelve Signs and why people might break up with them. I’ve decided that was a little harsh, and instead I’m going to take the high road with it. […]