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matthew currie astrology seduce piscesFeel like doing a little Fishing, do you? Who could blame you? There is something incredibly sweet and soulful and nice and cuddly and inherently lovable about your average Pisces. They are sensitive and caring and can make a wonderful mate. So let’s get started. But first, read the Introduction to this series

TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS. Pisces people have a reputation for being highly sensitive, and that’s generally true. They can appreciate a straightforward approach, but even if you’re being direct you should do so in a kind and gentle manner. Remember that “bold” and “shocking” are two entirely different things. Surprises can be good, but shocks will be counter-productive.

GO LONG, GO DEEP. This Sign usually has a very deeply felt philosophical approach to life. Even the shallow ones have some depth somewhere. If you make the effort to dive in there and swim around and show that you enjoy it, your job is halfway done. Find out how your Pisces feels about life in general, then try to swim right along.

CASUAL CONTACT CAN BE A GOOD THING. Once the relationship is established, Pisces is usually good at providing physical affection. But there’s nothing wrong with being a little warm and cuddly upfront. Or at the very least, if you can find a way to dress in a sexy but comfortable-looking manner, you’ll be even more appealing.

DON’T BE SILLY. WAIT, DO BE SILLY! Pisces is a bit of an oddball. This usually means that they are able to appreciate the strangeness and differences in others. Provided you want some sort of complete maniac, don’t be afraid to let the show. There’s no need to weave your freak flag on the first date, but letting Pisces know that you have a “freak flag” waiting to be discovered will make you more intriguing.

Finally, if you don’t want that Pisces swimming away from you (or swimming downstream with someone else), there is something you should avoid. Avoid emotional pettiness. Not just towards the person you intend to seduce, which is kind of obvious, but the anyone. Pisces doesn’t like jerks or cruelty, and cutting someone else down is no way to make yourself look taller by comparison.

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