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Love can be a great adventure, but it can also be a source of infection. Between Leo and Virgo, both possibilities are covered.  Nobody is perfect, and both these Venus placements have their pros and cons. Venus in Leo is fun and affectionate, but requires a lot of maintenance. Venus in Virgo is solid in its affections, but (frankly) could stand to lighten up once in a while.

Let’s have a look at the basics for Venus in Leo and Venus in Virgo, and then check out their recent activity on the Internet as they search for love and companionship (in between arguing about politics with people).

Venus In Leo

Venus in Leo has an excellent sense for both the high drama and the fun that comes with romance. You love steadiness, praise, and excitement in your love life, like the trophy wife who is always at her millionaire husband’s side at all the parties, but quietly maintains a fling with the pool boy. You’d probably get a secret thrill at the notion of someone watching you while you’re doing it. Your heart can be hard to win, but you tend to play for keeps. This placement can lead to dramatic jealousy flare-ups, and Venus in Leo sometimes provokes jealousy as a way to reassure itself of its “market value.” You may have a talent for acting, which comes in handy when either role-playing in the bedroom or overemphasizing the details of your anecdotes. Children and small animals appreciate your enthusiastic affection and tolerate your occasional moodiness.

“Dear VetteGuy75: Thank you for writing. Yes, an afternoon at the Water Slide sounds like it would be great fun, but I’m afraid I have a note from my hairdresser prohibiting me from exposure to chlorine. Although you seem like a great guy, I have a couple of questions. First of all, I noticed you are online but are taking an average of twelve minutes to answer my messages. Are you talking to other women behind my back? How dare you! And I know you’re trying to be a gentleman, but those last two pictures I sent you had cleavage in them, and you said nothing. Are you blind? You’re not the only guy out there, you know.”

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo is often accused of trying to intellectualize their feelings. Having a lot of love to give, you probably find that applying reason helps to cushion the blow in a world full of imperfect people and things to love. If you listen closely, people with Venus in Virgo often emit a quiet, high pitched squeal: it’s the sound of their intellect trying to keep a grip on their trashy, oversexed side… and (often to the chagrin of your mate) you usually have a really firm grip on that. People with this placement are often better at showing concern, fretting, and providing quiet advice and/or criticism than producing lavish outbursts of emotion. That’s a shame, because there’s a lot there, and not everyone enjoys making the effort required to pry you open. You are often a source of sane, caring, and quietly judgmental (but still sweet) advice to your loved ones.

“Dear ACowboy42: Thank you for responding to my ad. You certainly seem ruggedly handsome enough, and I like that, but I have a few questions before I meet you. That cold you were complaining about — what antihistamine are you using? I have a new one that might work better. And, it’s certainly exciting that you own a ranch, but shouldn’t your wrists be looser when you’re cantering? Haven’t you trained that horse to use a shank bit yet? Also, you misspelled “judgmental” in your last response to me. Dinner sounds fine, but I’m allergic to shellfish. Let’s make it dinner at your place. Remember: no dairy or peanuts.”

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