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A typical horoscope lays out what you can expect for yourself in the next week or month based on your Sun Sign. That sort of thing is great, sure… especially if you happen to be the only person on your planet. Astrology, like life in general, is a lot more complicated than “there are twelve types of people, and here’s what’s going to happen to them today.”

This “horoscope” is a listing of the major planetary aspects, ingresses, and events for June 2017. Each aspect is described below, with the date the aspect is exact and a “+/-” which indicates the number of days that aspect will be most in effect. Generally, the closer to the exact date, the more pronounced the effect of the transit. And of course, as with everything else in life: your mileage may vary.

But first, a word about aspects in general. Conjunctions, squares and oppositions can all be difficult. They generate the sort of energy that can get all up in your face and is hard to ignore, but it’s hard to get much done in life without the raw energy they supply. Trines and sextiles are helpful and constructive, but it’s easy to miss out on the opportunities they provide unless you make an effort.

June 1: Venus trine Saturn
(+/- 5 days) A good time to bring order to your love life, spending, or diet.

June 3: Venus conjunct Uranus
(+/- 5 days) Lively good times and possible sudden attractions.

June 3: Sun trine Jupiter
(+/- 3 days) Positive vibes and a possible party atmosphere.

June 4: Mars enters Cancer
(until next month) Brace yourself for possible moodiness, emotional eating, and knee-jerk reactions to perceived threats. On the upside, some of your situations could use a little extra sensitivity.

June 6: Venus enters Taurus
(until next month) Good times and good feelings. The food is good and the love is deep — but expect a little stubbornness in your emotional life.

June 9: Full Moon in Sagittarius
Any Full Moon can bring out your inner werewolf, but this one is particularly powerful because it’s ruled by Jupiter, and…

June 9: Jupiter direct
…Jupiter is particularly powerful today. Expect excess!

June 9: Venus sextile Mars
(+/- 5 days) The urge to socialize — and to mate — is increased.

June 13: Mercury trine Jupiter
(+/- 4 days) Big words and big ideas jump out all over the place, but make sure you’re being as brilliant as you think you are, because…

June 13: Mercury square Neptune
(+/- 4 days) …your judgement might be impaired, especially when you consider that…

June 16 : Neptune Retrograde
…Neptune is particularly powerful this week. Be creative, but beware delusion.

June 18: Sun sextile Uranus
(+/- 3 days) Get freaky, get creative, get out and have fun!

June 18: Mercury opposite Saturn
(+/- 3 days) Serious-mindedness can be a good and useful thing, but beware of depressing thoughts and a lack of confidence in your ideas.

June 21: Sun enters Cancer
Don’t forget your Cancer friends’ birthdays, otherwise they’re going to sulk. More than usual, even.

June 21: Mercury enters Cancer
A good time to cultivate your gut instincts and to address others with sensitivity.

June 23: New Moon in Cancer
Set out your intentions and make a new start of things, especially in matters involving emotion and nurturance issues.

June 24: Venus trine Pluto
(+/- 3 days) Your depths and your appetites deepen… and possibly become more demanding. Be careful with that, because…

June 25: Mars square Jupiter
(+/- 6 days) …your temper and your drives are going to be powerful — perhaps too powerful for your comfort or for that of others. So be careful how you direct that energy, because…

June 26: Mars trine Neptune
(+/- 6 days) …everything looks rosy and bright and people seem a little more charming than usual. Have things genuinely gotten that much better, or is it a trick of the light?

…and finally, the End Of Month Mercury Spectacular!

June 27: Mercury square Jupiter
June 27: Mercury trine Neptune
June 28: Mercury conjunct Mars
June 29: Mercury opposite Pluto

Mercury gets so much power pumped into it during the last week of the month that you might think your thoughts and communications are about to explode. Using these aspects wisely will require some careful thought and planning — otherwise that love letter you wrote and wrapped around a brick might accidentally WHOOPS SORRY ABOUT THAT.

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