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Don’t panic. She’s mostly ‘armless.

Everybody loves Venus. In your birth chart she rules your love style, the things you like to do when you feel lazy, and your fondness for sweets, among other things. These are all things we spend a lot of our time striving for, and these things are also the source of a lot of our heartbreak, waste, and heart disease.

There’s a temptation to call Venus “The Love Planet,” but that would be inaccurate — any love beyond the kind you feel for a really good cookie is a lot more complex than just one planet can cover. Venus in your birth chart also influences your attitude towards money and material resources. It might be more accurate to call Venus the “Sweetness and Light” planet. Those things are certainly related to how people feel about love and money, in much the same way that a flashy car ad is related to future breakdowns, overdue payments, and fender benders.

Did you know that Venus can kill you? Surprise! It’s true. Her style isn’t the same as the knife in the gut Mars prefers or the drug overdose Neptune might hand you or even that freak accident involving the truck full of cattle you read about in the news the other day (Uranus was driving it). When Venus kills you, it’s usually because she’s the bait in the trap.

See that? I just gave you a whole new creative angle with which to look at the role of Venus in your birth chart. Venus likes that sort of thing, and understanding how your own Venus works can help you tap into your creative potential.

Having said all that: yes, Venus does have a fair bit to do with who you love, how you love, and what you love. There are already plenty of “cookbook” descriptions of Venus through the Signs out there, so I’m going to be taking a slightly different approach… one that many of you may already have some experience with.

Have you ever written a personal ad, or read any? Odds are pretty good that you have. Personal ads are both the opening gambit in a potential relationship and (ideally) consist of a creative, catchy, or original way to express what we are looking for. Personal ads don’t always tell the truth, but the do tell a story: the story about ourselves that we’d like others (and ourselves as well) to believe.  In the upcoming series on Venus I’ll be presenting here, we’ll have a look at the personal ads she put on the Internet during her last orbit, and some of her responses to the ads others placed.

And hey: why is a nice girl like Venus still single anyway?

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