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There are a lot of business books out there telling you how to develop your leadership skills and how to help your underlings work more efficiently as a team. Sure, that’s great, but most people will admit that there also seems to be such a thing as a “born leader”: someone who walked into this life with a skill set that makes them naturally equipped to maximize their leadership position in a proactive manner (and in accordance with Best Practices) so to leverage human resources synergy — as an overly-wordy job description might put it.

As a service to the business community, I’m going to present to you the chart of a proven and effective leader so that you too can hire the right manager for your business. You’re welcome, Capitalism!

Here, have a listen to this as you read:

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Here’s the chart of the leader I’m talking about. Feel free to play along at home — click on it, it gets larger!

matthew currie astrology leadership skillsLEADERSHIP SKILLS IN THE BIRTH CHART

-Mars conjunct Neptune. Any Mars-Neptune aspect tends to make a person charismatic, charming, and well-liked — but the conjunction is probably the most powerful of those aspects. Think about Bill Clinton, who has a strongly aspected Mars Neptune conjunction… even his political enemies seem to have a sneaking fondness for him.

-Four planets in the Fourth House. Any emphasis on the Seventh House tends to make a person focused on others rather than themselves. In a sense, this makes the person we’re looking at an honorary Libra. And by the way: Libra sometimes gets pegged as being wishy-washy or uncertain of what they want. This is frequently untrue. Libras may be “relationship oriented,” but that doesn’t make them weak-willed at all. Some Libras can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

-Ascendant Ruler in the Seventh House. Where the Ascendant Ruler (in this case, Venus) falls in the birth chart puts an added spin on how a person comes across to others. With Venus ruling the Ascendant and being in the Seventh, this makes for natural charm — the kind of person you’d assume knows exactly what it is you want and need, and knows how to get it.

-Moon conjunct the North Node. This aspect implies that our study subject has a certain “karmic destiny” to connect with others and to inherently understand their emotional states. This is a vital skill when it comes to motivating those who work for you.

-Sun, Venus, Mars, and Neptune all aspecting the Midheaven. This is the birth chart of someone who was obviously going to make a big splash in whatever field of endeavor they pursue.


So: it seems that no matter how many business advice books your read about how to lead and inspire your employees, it seems that being born with natural talent helps a lot too. All I ask of you is that you make better use of whatever skills you have or acquire than the leader we’ve just finished looking at has done.

You see: this is the birth chart of Charles Manson, who used his skill set to form a cult-like group of followers who killed at least nine people in 1969, and thanks to the awful miracle of social media, is developing a brand new following — small but dedicated — today.

Just look at the success at meeting their goals a small but dedicated group can achieve!

PS: Charlie has been moved to the hospital from his prison cell and is being treated for a serious illness. Normally, if a famous person was in this position, I’d wish them a speedy recovery. I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t in this case.


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