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In some cultures, kids don’t go to the mall to tell Santa what they want for Christmas, they write a letter to Baby Jesus instead. Since we could all use the help this year, I have taken care of this for you. You’re welcome.


Dear Baby Jesus:

Thanks for taking the time to read my letter. It’s strongly tempting to write you and ask for World Peace, a winning lottery ticket, and all the things people usually ask for. I’m going to skip that though, because I realize that peace is up to us down here, and I’m sure you already know how I feel about the lottery.

I’m writing to ask you if — yes, I know you’re busy but I think this is important — maybe you could do something about Saturn. Yes, I know, Saturn is important and needs to be respected and all that. But I (and many of us) have been paying attention (honest!) and many of us are getting the message. 2016 sucked so hard for so many of us in so many ways. And specifically in our individual lives Saturn in Sagittarius has been a royal pain in the last year. Like, it’s square Carrie Fisher’s Mars and Venus-Jupiter conjunction, and that nearly killed her!

Now Saturn is going to spend almost all of 2017 floating around back and forth in the last third of Sagittarius, and some of us feel like we’re going to collapse from it. So could you please turn down the volume on Saturn? Please? Just a little. Please. I promise we’ll do our best to be better from now on.

Thank you,

Matthew Currie
(on behalf of anyone with any major placements in their birth chart in the last third of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces… we’ve had enough, already.)

PS: Please put in a good word with your Dad for Carrie Fisher.

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