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beliefnet astrology matthew currie virgoAs you may know, when the Moon is Void of Course, things tend not to get done properly, or not at all, or may not end up the way you planned. Long Voids can be a particular drag, like now when we are just in the middle of a Void of Course Moon that’s over 24 hours long.

For example: today I was hoping to write Part Three of a series about hidden factors in compatibility. Despite knowing exactly what I wanted to write, nothing was coming together, and I was becoming pretty frustrated.

And then the chest pains started.

Oh my God oh my God oh my God this is it it’s finally happening all those years of hard living and terrible diet and isn’t this the age my Dad was at when he had his first heart attack? dear God I don’t want bypass surgery but I’ve been so stupid with how I’ve run my life I’ll need it assuming I even survive the pain the pain the terrible crushing pain starting  to grow if I survive this I’ll change my ways and be better to myself I can feel it this is it this is the big one oh God I don’t want to die now not like this not like this —

(Then I burped — a massive, epic burp of heroic length and volume)

Oh whew. What a relief. Good thing that wasn’t a heart attack. Wonder if I should order pizza now…?

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