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beliefnet astrology matthew currie full moonAh, the Full Moon. Is there anything that causes more agitation?

The answer is, obviously, “yes.” But fear not, oh Astrology Fan, a Full Moon never killed anyone. Well, okay — to be accurate — a Full Moon never killed anyone without a bunch of other transits also happening at the same time. You don’t even have to give a fig about astrology to know that. Sure, research is still back and forth on how much a Full Moon affects people’s moods. But given how back and forth the research is on things like “is coffee good or bad for you?” (despite millions of dollars more research than the Full Moon has gotten), I can live with that. If you know any cops or emergency medical workers, ask them if they’ve noticed anything special about the Full Moon.

Monday morning (here in North America, your mileage may vary) brings us a Full Moon in Taurus. Not only is it a Full Moon (with all that implies), but it’s also what has come to be called a “Supermoon,” which will appear in the sky to be bigger than usual.

(The Moon, in case you hadn’t gotten your memo on this, travels around the Earth, but not in a perfect circle with the Earth at the exact center of it. There are some points in the Moon’s orbit when it’s a bit closer to Earth than usual. When that lines up with the Moon being on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, you get a Full Moon that’s also a “Supermoon.”)

The Moon in any Sign or taking any aspect is, in and of itself, no reason to panic. This is despite the fact that the Moon gets credited for a lot of creepiness and dirty deeds that it isn’t responsible for… like a certain best-selling book of “prophesy” that totally failed to result in The End Of The World.

Yes, this Full Moon is in Taurus, where the Moon is exalted and thus (theoretically) is particularly strong. But this Full Moon, “super” though it may be, is no more likely to blow up in your face than any regular-grade Full Moon. Just be careful with your moods, don’t over-react to the moods of others, and nothing terrible is likely to happen. If nothing else, a Full Moon needs to coincide with other craziness-inducing transits to do any harm. And it’s not like any of those are happening lately.

Oh. Wait. Well, okay… panic a little if you want. But I still figure you’ll be just fine.

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