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beliefnet astrology matthew currie 12 signs of loveAnd now, the concluding portion of my three-part entry on astrology, compatibility and attraction… specifically, the factors that aren’t so immediately obvious. Part One is HERE and Part Two is HERE, if you missed them.

There are two important and underrated factors in astrology which can indicate someone to whom you are karmically attracted —

(But first, a word about “karma.” Sure, I believe in it. But I’m annoyed by the concept (no matter how just and holy and divine and whatever it may be) when it comes to the context of doing readings for people when possible. You see, although I think it’s a real thing, using karma as an excuse for everything strikes me as being somewhere between intellectual laziness and outright New Age Jerkiness. “Why did my foot get run over?” “Why can’t I find a proper mate?” “Why does my job suck?” “Why are my parents such maniacs?” are all typical of the kinds of questions I get asked during the course of a reading, but answering any or all of those with some variation on “It’s your karma” strikes me as — well, if I ever do it to you in a reading, feel free to strike me.)

…The first of these is The Vertex. What is the Vertex? Think of it as a secondary Seventh House cusp (which rules over long-term relationships). The Vertex is the point in your chart where the Ecliptic (the path the Sun appears to travel across the sky) intersects The Prime Vertical (which a line drawn between the Zenith and the Nadir — the highest and lowest points in the sky when you were born, which are not to be confused with the Midheaven and the IC)…

(Pause until the audience stops shouting things like “you said there’d be no spherical trigonometry!” and “is this going to be on the final exam?”)

The Vertex is an additional point in your chart that is often involved with attraction — specifically, that kind of “karmic” attraction that leads to a long-term mate or a business partner or a lifelong friend. Like a lot of attraction, it isn’t particularly concerned about logic or wise choices. It’s just a point of attraction. If you want to know if a relationship is actually a good idea or has the potential for long-term stability, look elsewhere. But The Vertex can certainly be a factor in who you’re drawn to. Bonus points: if your Vertex is closely conjunct or opposite a “personal planet” in your birth chart, it can give you an idea who what “type” you may go for. Is your Mars conjunct or opposite your Vertex? You may be a sucker for people who challenge you (or are always injuring themselves in sporting accidents). Got Mercury conjunct or opposite your Vertex? You like ’em when they talk a good game, and so on.

The second “hidden source of attraction” in your birth chart is an interesting (and kind of spooky) one: the Prenatal Eclipse Point (PNE). Simply put, this is the degree of the Zodiac where the last Solar Eclipse happened before you were born. Like The Vertex, the PNE doesn’t guarantee success — just attraction.

What’s so “spooky” about that? Well, it gets a little weird when you consider that the PNE is an important point to consider when one uses astrology to determine when someone will die. Yes, really. And as much as we may not like to think of it this way: a successful relationship involves a bit of yourself (as an individual) dying off, or at least needing to be muted.

That, and of course… some relationships are murder.

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