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DW writes: “I flirt with every guy at work. I can’t seem to stop. And it’s not getting me anywhere either! Why?”

Good question, DW. No, first of all, I’m not going to blame it on you being a Gemini… although I will admit that (in my experience) that may very well be a contributing factor. Some astrological clichés are based on the truth, after all.

“Flirting” is a much more complex phenomenon then we usually give it credit for. Sometimes it’s a sincere attempt to find a mate, sometimes it’s just a way to be sociable, and sometimes it’s mere friendliness that is being mistaken for flirting. However, since you yourself are identifying the behavior as “flirting,” I will take your word for it.

One way or another, flirting is based on sexual energy. Astrologically, there are a lot of contributing factors to the sex drive, but there are four main factors we need to look at: Venus, Mars, the Fifth House, and the Eighth House.

Venus, as we all know, is named after The Goddess Of Love. It’s not the only planet involved with “love,” but it’s certainly important. Think of Venus as the receptive or Yin side of the equation. It’s the bait in your trap, so to speak. You, DW, have Venus in Cancer, in the Sixth House. Venus in Cancer likes the security of being thought of as attractive, but who doesn’t? Remember the part about your Sixth House though: it’s important, and will be getting to that in a bit.

Every Yin needs a Yang, and that brings us to Mars. You have Mars in Capricorn, which is (theoretically at least) the best place to have your Mars. It is also very closely opposite your Venus, which tends to amplify the sex drive. Any opposition lends a certain dynamic tension to both planets involved. One thing to watch out for here is the fact that your Mars is in the 12th House. Planets in the 12th House can sometimes have a lot to do with our subconscious motivations, and a highly-charged Mars in the 12th House might lead you in directions that are possibly not in your best interest… like, say, flirting with all your coworkers. (Is that really such a good idea anyway? I was always told it wasn’t, but it never stopped me.)

The Fifth House is romance, and the Eighth House is sex. In your case, you have Gemini on the Fifth House cusp, and Virgo on the Eighth House cusp. That means that both of these Houses are ruled by Mercury. Your Mercury is in the Sixth House. So — we have a lot of indicators pointing back to your Sixth. Now, here’s the punchline: The Sixth House has a great deal what to do with your work habits and your daily surroundings. That’s right… you are incredibly pre-wired to be flirting with your coworkers.

As for “why is it not getting you anywhere”? Maybe you should be thankful… office relationships can be hazardous.

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