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Astrology, like any other field of endeavor that tries to make sense of humans, can be unsettling. I was going through some old e-mails checking up on a few clients (and hey, wouldn’t you like to be one of those too? CLICK HERE for details) when I came across the remains of a blog entry written in 2013 that I just didn’t have the heart to finish. Sure, sometimes it’s all fun and games here, but we must never forget: when you’re dealing with humans, sometimes we must venture into dark places.

This will be a dark ride. Feel free to turn away now.

Once upon a time, not long ago, there was a man who liked to kidnap women and keep them as his slaves…


Ariel Castro was born July 10th, 1960, time unknown, San Juan Puerto Rico. Like any birth chart, it’s easy to look at it and see the person that we want to see – the one we expect to see. Sun in Cancer, ruled by Moon in Aquarius? We can look at that combination and say “oh yes: someone whose soul is inherently detached”… without for a moment pausing to consider that Princess Diana and Marc Chagall had the same combination. Mars square Uranus? There’s the raging violence… until we consider Madonna and Jackie Gleason bore the same astrological signature. Sun opposite Saturn? There’s the cold detachment… unless you’re Jim Morrison or Jerry Seinfeld.

One could make the case that his Moon in Aquarius… both his emotional core and the ruler of his Sun… is especially detached, receiving only negative major aspects: square to both Mars and Neptune. But we must be cautious not only of over-generalizations, but because the time of birth is unknown, we can’t be too sure of that Moon’s exact location. Nonetheless, it is as good a place as any for us to start getting a handle on this man.

Clearly, calling out the character of a person based on this aspect or that is about as fair and accurate as “racial profiling.” So rather than try to spot where the evil came from in his birth chart, I’m going to look at Ariel Castro from the viewpoint of the timing of his actions, rather than to try to plumb the depths of his soul. That’s a journey that, were I capable of it, I don’t think I’d choose to take


One thing we do know for sure about Ariel Castro is what he did on the days of August 22/02, April 21/03, and April 2/04. These are the dates on which he abducted Michele Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus respectively. On all three dates, over the span of about a year and a half, Neptune was within conjunction range of that Moon of is, and was square the natal Mars and Neptune. Neptune is a slow planet however, and if we want to find triggers, we have to look at the faster planets. Although each day has different placements, each one features three inner planets in a fixed Sign… just like Castro’s Moon-Mars-Neptune T-square (it should also be noted that, if one allows a wide orb, that T-square becomes a Grand Cross, with Uranus at 19 degrees Leo). Agitation meets opportunity, resulting in abduction.

From a strictly forensics viewpoint, the three victims seem to have little in common other than having been young women who were along at the wrong time, so we can probably assume that these were more “crimes of opportunity” rather than (as is the case with most serial killers) fitting a clearly-defined “type” that the assailant was seeking. The astrology, in its own curious way, appears to reflect this.

Let me know if you actually want to read about the strange compatibility between Ariel Castro and his victims, okay? Otherwise I’m going to move on to something lighter…

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