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It’s fun to feel superior to other people, isn’t it? Being better than the people next door, or the tribe across the valley, is one of Humanity’s oldest pursuits. This is, of course, thoroughly ridiculous… but we’ve dedicated most of our history to engaging in that sort of thing, because it makes us feel good about ourselves. So hey — why not abuse astrology the same way?


I lived for a number of years in the United States. While I was there I discovered an interesting cultural difference between Canadians and Americans that I had heard of but have never experienced. Canadians tend to take their shoes off at the front door when entering either their own home or someone else’s, kind of like the Japanese do. I have no idea how this custom originated, but I assume it has something to do with the fact that if you are entering a Canadians home, there are many times of the year when doing so involved walking through snow or slush. Even though I think this is an excellent idea that everyone should do, not once did it ever occur to me to proclaim my superiority or denigrate Americans. That’s just stupid, people.

And if I had, what would that make me? That’s right: a jerk.


Three times in the past two days I have encountered examples on the internet of people specifically dismissing someone as being delusional because they are a Pisces. Once was because a Pisces posted evidence that a certain conspiracy theory was nonsense… oh, but as a Pisces, she was deluding herself. Later on, another Pisces was holding forth on another subject she did believe in, but… well, delusional Pisces, right?

To summarize: if you do not agree with my particular delusions, it is because you are a Pisces and therefore deluded.

And if or when you slide into that line of thinking (“X is a <insert Sun Sign>, and therefore stupid/terrible”), what would that make you? That’s right: a jerk.

Oh, and before I forget: don’t use this as an excuse for your own bad behavior. You didn’t cut into line in front of me because you’re an Aries. Why did you do it? That’s right: because you’re a jerk.


I wrote a fairly popular blog entry in which I took apart the usual arguments skeptics use against astrology, and one of the points I mocked was the idea that astrology was discriminatory. I may have to go back and revise that. But don’t worry: astrology hasn’t let me down yet. Just some of the people involved with it have.

Now go away. I’m grumpy, and the last thing I want to do is say anything that would make me look like a jerk.

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