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HL writes:

“I want to invest time and money into study and certification in aromatherapy, feng shui, and astrology — all around which I have entrepreneurial ideas I’d love to go all in on. Will investing in these things pan out into earning at least a living, or will I need to stick to traditional jobs and income streams to get by?”

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One day, a child approaches her mother. “Mommy,” she says, “when I grow up I want to be an astrologer.”

The mother considers this for a moment and then, wisely, says “why not go for something more respectable and better paying… like panhandling?”


Okay, seriously: being a professional astrologer is a little better than that. But it can be difficult making a living at it, especially if you’re just starting out. It’s the sort of thing that a lot of people can only do as a side job, or have to work it as a side job for a long time before they get to the point where they can go all in with it. It’s a good thing you’ve got more than just being an astrologer to go with — after all, the more things you have to throw at the wall, the more chances something will have to stick.

One thing that definitely helps you with life in general (but specifically with self-employment) is your Moon in Libra right on the Ascendant. Moon on the Ascendant generally tends to make people personable and well-liked (even on days when you don’t particularly feel personable or well-liked — Moon on the Ascendant needs to crawl away and hide from people sometimes). When you are self-employed, in essence you are the product no matter what it is you’re actually doing or selling.

As far as you are scaring up the money to get this all started, or making connections, or anything like that? Get on that now. Transiting Jupiter is now in conjunction range of your Moon and Ascendant, and that aspect will be exact in October and then carries on through to the first part of November. This is important because the Moon is the ruler of your Midheaven, and the Moon is also the natural ruler of physical and material comfort… so any transit to your Moon is likely to have particular effects as far as your career path.

Now, run! Go go go! Do it do it do it!


Wait, no, stop!

How are you feeling? I mean, both physically and otherwise? This is important because transiting Saturn will be passing over your Neptune in December. This is important because Neptune is the ruler of your Sixth House which rules both work habits and health. I’m not necessarily predicting anything dire here… don’t panic, okay? If there’s an issue of any sort going on now, though, you should be getting it checked.

More likely, and more in relation to the nature of your question: transiting Saturn passing over the ruler of the Sixth House can make work a real drag. Even if you are self-employed and loving what you do, that transit can make getting things done more difficult, or can represent a lot of good old-fashioned hard work being put into things. Don’t be afraid of that though. In my experience, the metaphysics business gets really busy towards the end of the year… but then business drops off dramatically for January and February. Being self-employed is a little like being a farmer: make hay while the sun shines and all that.


So: should you ditch all semblance of regular 9-5 living and go your own way? I’m always a little scared to talk someone out of a decent-paying job, but I’m not one to keep someone from following their dreams either. I can definitely say this much: I think you’ve got what it takes, and you’ve got some real opportunities to get there (or at least get much closer) happening right away.


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