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BT writes:

“I am freaking out on life direction… I am seeking purpose”

First of all: don’t panic. Have you ever noticed how some of the most terrible people in life never seem to question their actions or the direction their life has headed? Congratulations on not being one of those people. We have more than enough of those already.

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Normally at this point I’d be making a big deal out of how using Whole Sign Houses can help us sort out the difference between The Midheaven (“what am I doing with my life?”) and The Tenth House (“what am I doing for a living?”), but this is one of those cases where the answer isn’t that simple. Both your Midheaven ruler (Venus) and your Whole Sign Tenth House ruler (Mercury) are under a lot of stress now. With a Mercury-Venus conjunction in your birth chart, you’re probably an idealist — nothing wrong with that! — but when those planets come under stress from a touchy transit, things can be particularly uncomfortable for you.

Here’s what’s going on: transiting Saturn is on your Ascendant, which is “who people think you are, and to a certain extent, who you think you are,” and square your Mercury and Venus. This same transit happened for you in mid to late 2002, and again in mid 2003. You were probably facing somewhat similar questions around “who you are” and “what to do” back then, with possibly more of an emphasis on your relationship(s). Your actions in response to this transit (and the results you got) back then may now contain some clues as to how you can best handle the transit this time.

Meanwhile, transiting Pluto is square your Neptune. In short, “the ugly truths of life are kicking around your hopes and dreams.” Since this is such a long transit, it’s both important to understand the role that it plays, but at the same time not put too much weight on it. It’s going to demand some change from you, sure… but it’s the Saturn transit that is the more pressing matter. You’re done with the Saturn transit by the end of the year. Merry Christmas!

Here’s what’s helping you: Transiting Uranus — the will to rebel and innovate — will be conjunct your Moon and trine your Pluto and then your Sun — for at least the next two years. This ought to give you the kind of energy and innovative thinking you need to figure things out for yourself and make the circumstances arise that you need. In fact, transiting Uranus conjunct your Moon may have you feeling more engaged with and excited by life that you ever have been before.

Here’s what you can do about it: First off, remember that overall the transits here are on your side in the long run. Yes, Saturn is going to be raising a stink for you for the next three months or so… and again in the middle third of 2017, thanks to a retrograde. But the problem here is not so much “what do I do with my life?” so much as “now that I have all this powerful emotional energy demanding an outlet, where do I direct it?” Part of the answer to that involves the fact that your Moon is in the Fifth House, which rules things like “having fun” and “hobbies” and “creativity. So although I can’t tell you what to do, I suspect your best approach is “have fun and be yourself, and the answers will begin to appear. Pursue those clues and the rest will more or less take care of itself.”

Yes, sometimes the answers are more practical and detailed and focused. This however, is not a time for a detailed list of obstacles and challenges and strategies for overcoming them. This is a time when you get to really be yourself, beyond simply the expectations others have of you and that you’ve imposed on yourself. That should prove to be (at first) both more difficult than it sounds, yet (in the long run) it’s your best approach.

(You also asked about your health. Yes, there are concerns there, what with the Saturn square to your Sixth House ruler, but it’s a bit beyond the scope of a blog entry. Consider getting a reading and we can cover that plus anything else you want to know about)

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