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This little jerk has been nothing but trouble today too.

Today, transiting Mars is exactly conjunct my natal Mercury. This is often a time when one gets irrational and starts arguing with people over things that normally wouldn’t be provocative, or that you could ignore. Thus, I sat down to write an angry rant that really doesn’t have much to do with astrology, based on a busy day of arguing with people on Facebook and in person. Rather than do the smart thing and not run this blog entry, I am doing so anyway, because a) it serves as a public record of what a Mars transit to one’s Mercury can do, and b) transiting Mars on my Mercury is making me impulsive. If you’re just here for the astrology, have a look at one of my older blog entries. Hey, here’s a good one! If you’re a fan of angry rants, read on. Whatever, dude.




The Saturn-Neptune square is once again approaching the exact degree, which happens in September. I’ve written here before about how Saturn square Neptune is a particularly difficult transit when it comes to getting anything practical off the ground or solving any long-standing issues. All of the planets are different in nature, but when you consider that the unrelenting steely-eyed entropic force of Saturn isn’t getting along at all well with the somewhat dreamy and delusional erosive force of Neptune, one thing’s for sure: it’s going to be hard to build anything sane and permanent on this particular bedrock.

There is absolutely nothing new about humans getting things wrong and having things fall apart as a result, but this particular aspect could lead more of us down more blind alleys than usual. Case in point: the resurgence of conspiracy theories I’m seeing on Facebook of late.

Conspiracy theories are appealing, and even comforting. Nobody wants to think that they are out of work because of a long string of circumstances and economic forces that they don’t control or fully understand. But if you blame your unemployment on a secret cabal of alien Reptoid Invaders who are ruining the economy in order to convert all of us into their slaves/food source? All of a sudden your little life has gone from being tossed on the waves of meaninglessness to fitting into a large and perfect order. Congratulations! You’re one of the rare few who is seeing the truth! Now it makes perfect sense that all your friends who still have jobs don’t believe you! Wake up sheeple!

I’m hearing a lot more lately about a conspiracy theory involving a politician who has been in the public eye for decades now. It seems that there are a large number of people dying, often mysteriously, who may have worked with and/or criticized and/or objected to this particular politician. Spooky, isn’t it? All the evidence of this political murder spree being presented seems rock-solid… that is, until you invoke the darkest and spookiest of all the arcane arts: probability and statistics.

Let me show you how it works. Have you ever heard of Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon? In mathematics, this phenomenon is called an Erdős number, but frankly Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon is a lot more fun, so I’ll use that as the example of what I’m talking about.

Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon is a game where you can calculate how many steps removed anyone in Show Business is from Kevin Bacon (or anyone else in the world for that matter).

Here’s an example: Kevin Bacon and Frank Oz (the puppeteer who does the voice of Yoda in the Star Wars movies).

Frank Oz was in Innocent Blood in 1992, along with Anthony LaPaglia. Anthony LaPaglia was in He Said, She Said in 1991 with Kevin Bacon. Thus, Kevin Bacon and Frank Oz are only separated by one person… giving them a Bacon Number of 2. Had they done a movie together, their Bacon Number would be 1. Got that?

Now here’s a list of 58 actors who died in 2015, all of whom have a Bacon Number of 2 or less. Suspicious, isn’t it? Especially when you consider that this doesn’t even list all of the directors and editors and costumers and make-up and special effects people and caterers and such who also had a Bacon Number of 2 or less who also died in 2015.

When a politician reaches the seventh decade of his or her life and that politician has been a public figure for decades, wouldn’t it be startling if a large number of people hadn’t died along the way, many of whom would be under mysterious circumstances?

Or, you know, maybe Kevin Bacon is a monstrous killing machine too, sitting in the middle of his web of evil. You be the judge.


What’s my point here? My point is: I’m angry about something going on around me that I have little or no sense of control over, because transiting Mars is conjunct my natal Mercury. What’s more: this blog entry had very little to do with the subject I initially set out to discuss.

Well, um… whatever, shut up!

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